Every traveler has a travel bag or even one set of luggage bags. After a long journey, you would not want to get caught up in a luggage mix up. It is important then that when you are travelling, you must be able to identify you luggage at all times. You can do this with the help of these effective luggage identifier ideas. Below are some of the luggage tips that you could do with.

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Effective Ways Of Identifying Your Luggage

Modern day travel is very hectic, whether by road, sea, or air. People can easily lose their luggage especially when they are fatigued. You might ask what should be the perfect luggage identifier.

Luggage Identifier Ideas

So, what luggage identifier ideas are there for you to easily identify your luggage even from afar? check out below.

  • Luggage Tags
    A good luggage identifier such as this contains information about the owner of the luggage. Names, address, telephone number, country of residence and the city must appear on the tag so that should anyone find it, they can easily contact the owner. Britto luggage tags, for example, can be easily identified by just a simple description.
  • Luggage Trackers
    These come in handy when one needs to keep track of where his luggage is at all times or any time. Trackers placed inside the luggage help the owner in finding them in many different scenarios like misplaced or similar luggage. This is probably the best of the 21st century luggage identifier ideas.
  • Handle Wraps
    They not only make it easier to carry your luggage, but, if you need to quickly check on your luggage, you will quickly notice the handle wrap and tell which bag is yours.
  • Multiple Colorful Tags
    Using multiple colorful tags is a quick solution to identifying where your luggage in a large carousel with many bags is, since most suitcases are made from almost the same material and color. Adding a bit more color to yours could be the difference between finding your bag in a minute or less and staring at a carousel until only a single bag is left.
  • Ribbons
    Tying ribbons to your luggage helps you to customize your luggage and set it apart from all others while on route. Ribbons are readily available from curio shops or any supermarket while some might even go for custom homemade ribbon.
  • Luggage Sensors
    These employ the use of technology where a metallic brass tag containing your necessary information is fastened on luggage handles. One simply has to touch the metal brass with a sensor to tell whether it is his luggage or not.

Luggage identifier ideas: pink colored luggage bag identifier

Luggage Identifier Ideas Final Words

Luggage identifier ideas keep getting better and better some people tend to prefer their own form of identification by going as far as spray painting their luggage or even embroidering tags to their bags or suitcases, printing and ironing custom tags marking their bags from all sides. Identifiable luggage either way benefits you as well as other people who are frequent travelers.