Lab coats are vital instruments that are used by professionals in the medical field. The coats can also be used by other people in different professions like researchers who work in labs. They are basically long coats that are usually white in color. Apart from labs, some people will wear them to protect their street clothes from spills. For example, some teachers in some countries will wear white coats to keep chalk dust at bay. All in all, the medical field has the bulk order when it comes to these coats. Doctors and nurses will mainly use them to keep their inner attire clean or a substitute for scrubs. Scrubs are medical clothes that do not only have a functional role but also work well as uniforms. The most common brand is the NRG scrubs.

professional landau lab coat

Uses And Features Of Lab Coats

Lab coats come in different styles, sizes, designs and feels. As a rule, doctors will wear white coats that are at a knee length. Nurses will wear shorter coats.

  • Hygiene

Apart from protecting inner clothes, the coats are essential in maintaining top notch hygiene. This is because the professionals will keep clean because the coats show dirt easily.

  • Storage

Another role played by the coats is storage. Pens and medical pads can be stored on the breast pocket accordingly. Some coats will also have inner pockets as well as hip pockets.

Most lab coats will come with front buttons. Others will have zippers that can be fastened. Women will find their own female coats and men also will have their own types. However, going for unisex coats can save people money because they are relatively cheaper. Coats and others do not have to be monotonous. Newer brands explore better looking designs as well as a variety of colors and materials.

Factors To Consider

There are several things that you should consider before getting lab coats.

  • Purpose

The first thing is the function or purpose. For those in the medical field, the purpose is clear and for this reason, these experts will get tailored coats.

  • Size

The fit and size are other considerations. Unlike what people think, the coats do not have to be white in color. Brands like NRG scrubs have in stock an amazing variety that is worth checking out.

  • Material

The materials in which the coats are made from will also come to play. You want those that are easy to clean and those that show dirt easily.

medline womens classic length lab coat

Some coats are made with a blend of various materials making them stronger and better. The variety in the market is incredible and whether you are a doctor, nurse, lab technician, dentist, biologist or any other relevant professional; you need to get the product that will suit all your needs. Take time to explore different options available before you make a choice in this regard.