Hello Kitty jewelry seems to have made a comeback in accessories. Hello Kitty was created in Japan and came to America in 1974. Towards the millennium, the Hello Kitty phase seemed to have faded for a short while, but it is now back. Not just popular with young girls anymore, it has become popular for girls, teenagers, and women as well.

stunning hello kitty jewelry

Exquisite Diamond Hello Kitty Jewelry

So many jewelers have turned a simple Hello Kitty piece of jewelry into something lavish and beautiful. There are many pieces of the jewelry made of gold, white gold, or sterling silver, but encrusted with diamonds of all colors.

And where in the world would you find something like that? Luckily many jewelers online and in many towns sell such items.

  •  Amazon- Hello Kitty Diamond and Sterling Silver Ring cost $295.
  • Sears- Engraved Hello Kitty Diamond ring is $142.35
  •  Ebay- Kimora Lee Simmons Hello Kitty 925 Ss 18k Gold costs $1,199.

fab and chic hello kitty diamond jewelry

Something Simple, Something Sweet

If you are not too keen on buying authentic and expensive Hello Kitty jewelry, you can always purchase the fashion jewelry. There are literally thousands of Hello Kitty necklaces made that varies in look and style as well as material. Some are cheaper that you can find at supermarkets while some are of nicer materials that cost a little more, but won’t break your bank account.

Low Cost Hello Kitty Necklaces

  • Macy’s- Hello Kitty Necklace, Ring, And Tiara cost $7.
  • Hot Topic- Large Hello Kitty Bling Nameplate Necklace costs $19.
  • Cookies Kids- Hello Kitty “Beaded Bunches” Necklace & Earring Set costs $6.
  • Amazon- Miss Peggy Jo’s Hello Kitty Necklace costs $13.

Most Expensive Hello Kitty Necklaces

Adorable Hello Kitty Necklace

  • AMI Clubwear- Silver Hello Kitty 3D Charm Necklace costs $36.
  • Ecrater- Hellow Kitty Pendent 14K White Gold is $50.
  • Sears- Hello Kitty Diecut Pink Rinestone Necklace costs $94.25
  • Zappos.com- Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary Pendent Necklace costs $88.

Buy Wholesale Hello Kitty Jewelry (Bulk)

Perhaps you have a birthday party coming up where you would like to hand out Hello Kitty Jewelry out as favors, or you would like to start selling Hello Kitty jewelry by yourself, many websites allow you to buy wholesale Hello Kitty jewelry so you can do just that.

  • Ebay- Holds many wholesale deals from watches, necklaces to rings and earrings for low prices.
  • KarryLady.com- Also hold Hello Kitty jewelry wholesale items for your purchase. They are a slightly higher prices and mainly sell sunglasses.

Buy wholesale hello kitty jewelry

Alibaba.com- Buy wholesale Hello Kitty jewelry here, the prices can range from a few cents to a few dollars per piece. But again, these items vary from earrings, necklaces, earrings, etc.

All Hello Kitty jewelry vary in everything from style and price. So finding a piece that you like and that matches your style won’t be difficult. Many stores online carry Hello Kitty Jewelry. Stores like Kays, Jareds and Tiffany’s hold the nicer items though you can also find them online. Sears, JcPenny’s, Wal Mart, and Target, Forever 21 etc.You would be able to find the cheaper jewelry that still looks great.