Dogs love treats. In fact, they love the cookies you give them so much that they would much rather have them than eat their food. As a pet owner, you naturally want to give your canine buddy the best of everything and what he loves. Dog cookies are thus a necessity. These cookies serve numerous purposes. Mainly, they are used to encourage your dog to behave well and be well mannered. Dog training is a breeze when you have a bag of your dog’s favorite dog cookies at hand. Not just this, dog cookies are very delicious and healthy at the same time. There are cookies such as the Himalayan dog chew that promote good oral health too. You can purchase based on your requirements and make sure you have a happy dog!

handmade peanut butter dog treats

The downside to buying mass produced dog cookies is that most of them are not properly made and have no health benefits. You must thus carefully select the brand of cookies you buy. You should look for good brands that offer not just tasty treats but also come loaded with vitamins. Some also offer better dog coat and general health. Here are more information about these cookies:

  • You should be very careful when you make a choice of dog cookies. The best option would actually be to make your own organic dog cookies at home. All you need to do is take a little time out to bake some cookies for him. The best part is that you will actually know what the cookies contain and thus you can make sure you use only healthy ingredients.
  • If your dog suffers from obesity, allergies or any kind of sickness, relying on commercially made cookies would be risky. Instead, you should talk to the vet about your dog’s needs and make sure you prepare gourmet dog cookies for him that he really enjoys. These will do your dog a lot of good while making sure he still enjoys your treats.
  • You can look for any simple recipe over the Internet to make your own dog cookies. You can also make yummy decorated dog cookies with cheese, fruits, or yogurt. These foods are highly beneficial for your dog and he will simply adore you for pampering him with such delicious treats.
  • The size of the dog cookies must depend on the breed. While larger breeds can have big treats, toy breeds can’t. Big treats can be very harmful for smaller dogs. Make sure you buy or make cookies accordingly thus.
  • While dog cookies are a great option, you should remember that they are only treats and not food. They should not constitute your dog’s diet on a daily basis. Too much can harm your dog.

gourmet dog treats dog berries

Indeed the way to a dog’s heart is through his stomach. Feed him well and he’ll surrender himself completely to loving you, taking care of you and being a bundle of joy!