Most women do not know this but there are numerous risks of wearing the wrong bra. Ill-fitting bras can cause serious health conditions in women. Specialists have stated that wearing a bra is very important to keep the firmness of a woman’s breast especially during outings and sport events. For these purposes a good fitting bra will positively affect the woman’s physical posture. The bra is considered a major part of clothing in modern society but some women nowadays tend to choose the wrong type of bra. The risks of wearing the wrong bra are the reasons for many bad health conditions and complaints in women.

learn the risks of wearing the wrong bra

Most common reasons for choosing the wrong bra

Here is a list of common misconceptions and confusions which increase the risks of wearing the wrong bra:

1. The first and foremost misconception is that the bust is only supported by the straps of the bra. This is not correct. Apart from the straps, the underbust band also plays an important role in supporting the bust, meaning if you have a large bust, make sure that the underbust band fits correctly. Too tight underbust bands can create painful grooves on the upper abdomen where the band cuts in.

2. Frequent changes in bra size are another reason why women tend to wear the wrong bra. The size of the bra changes with age, menstrual cycles and pregnancy. Women who fail to keep up with these changes fall prey to the many risks of wearing the wrong bra.

3. Looking good is another reason why women go for too tight-fitting bras. Too tight bras create grooves and are bad for blood circulation while too loose bras are not good for breasts and cause breasts to lose their firmness.

Health risks of wearing the wrong bra

The most common problems that women face due to use of a wrong bra is pain in shoulder and arms, tension in the neck and the shoulder and there have also been cases where women have faced serious spine problems because of wearing the wrong bra. Back pain is also very common when you wear the wrong bra. Shoulders suffer the worst when you are wearing the wrong bra. While buying a bra, women tend to forget that the bra is also a part of her clothing and that is worn to make her feel more comfortable. If wearing a bra means you have to compromise with your comfort level then it is of no use. It is advisable that you only go for a bra that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. The more serious risks of wearing the wrong bra include breast cancer, skin problems, among others.

How to save yourself from using the wrong bra

must have bra extender

The most common solution that has come up to deal with wrong fitting bra problem is bra extender. A bra extender is perfect type of bra accessory for women whose bust size changes frequently and who have large busts to take care of. These bras have more than one hook and therefore allow you to adjust the size of your bra as per need. With the introduction of bra extender in the market, it has become easier for women to buy just one bra instead of frequently buying too many bras to fit them perfectly.