The television system has come a long way from having the classic analog, then the digital or standard, and now the high definition video resolution. A high definition television (HDTV) has one to two million pixels per frame, which allows a clearer and more defined overall picture and video quality, taking into consideration the brightness, color, and contrast factors. Managing the HDTV settings can be a little complicated for an ordinary person who knows nothing, if not very little, about these technical matters. That is why when one buys HDTV, there has to be an HDTV calibration DVD to go with it.

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An HDTV calibration DVD is a video guide to achieving consistency in the HDTV’s settings in order for it to show its optimum picture or video resolution. An HDTV calibration DVD helps make the colors more accurate and defined, the graphics brighter than usual, and the lightness and darkness contrast and sharpness features more precise. Usually, the fine-tuning of the settings spoken of under the HDTV calibration DVD is standardized and made more or less the default settings so that one need not adjust them each time.

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A person has several options to choose from when considering to get a hold of an HDTV calibration DVD. There is the THX-certified HDTV calibration DVD. THX is the trade name for a high definition audio-visual reproduction standard for sound and movie entertainment systems, such as movie and home theaters, screening rooms, computer and gaming consoles, and car sound systems. There are movies in DVD’s and blue-ray discs that come with a THX optimizer. THX calibration involves six steps or test patterns that guide a person in choosing the settings he wants for his HDTV.

There is also the Digital Video Essentials HDTV calibration DVD, which offers step-by-step explanations of audiovisual settings. This guide also involves extensive test patterns and options for settings. Some say that a downside of this video tutorial is not best for novices because while it is very informative, the procedures are a bit too technical and complicated, notwithstanding the fact that it has no visible human host.

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The Monster Cable HDTV calibration DVD is reportedly easier to understand compared to the Digital Video Essentials, but not as comprehensive in details. This comprises of only the basic functional settings and do not include advanced options. It is likewise said to lack options for audio settings.

Sound & Vision’s Home Theater Tune-Up HDTV calibration DVD has excellent graphical tutorial guide. This is also fairly easy to use and understand and is great for do-it-yourself HDTV adjustments. It also includes tutorials about the home theater equipment as well as the home theater’s ambiance. An advantage of this is that it has two human hosts, which permits a more interactive tutorial.

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The Avia Guide to Home Theater HDTV calibration DVD has extensive test patterns and easy-to-understand HDTV standardization procedures. Lastly, the Imaging Science Foundation’s HDTV calibration wizard DVD, co-created by Microsoft and Monster Cable, features live video demonstration in lieu of test patterns, which makes it easier to follow. It is also user friendly.

It is quite difficult to say which among these HDTV calibration DVDs is the best HDTV calibration DVD. Whatever is easy for a person to understand and follow may be said to be the most suitable guide for him.