Hazard signs are the common term for the different categories of safety signs that play a very important role in the overall management of safety procedures that will protect the staff, visitors and site. Potential dangers in a certain area are being forewarned or advised using these hazard signs. These signs have a yellow background with a black border that has a yellow triangle with a black pictogram or symbol. At least 50% of the area of the sign should be occupied by the yellow part. Most of these signs have some text and headings that read as: Danger, Warning or Caution.

Each of these categories depend on how severe the possible risks are, like for example, signs with the word Danger on it are commonly used to indicate that the risk is much higher than those with signs using the word Caution.

basic type of hazard sign

Danger Signs – These are used to indicate a high level of risk that if not avoided can result to serious injury or even death, such as fire danger signs. These danger signs can also be used for possible hazardous situations that could result to severe trauma or death. However, danger signs should not be used for situations or things that are related only to prevent possible property damage unless it can result to severe injury of the person.

Warning Signs – These signs are used if there is medium level of risk involved, that if not avoided can result to injury or death. This is to be used where there is only some possibility for injury or death if not avoided.

a slippery hazard sign

Caution Signs – Low level of risks are indicated using Caution signs. These signs are used in hazardous situations that can result to minor injury. These signs should not be used if it meant to indicate a possibility for severe injury or death. These signs are to indicate only the lowest risk for hazards.

The workplace environment can be filled with many hazards. Certain hazards go with performing different kinds of jobs. Although there are different dangers in certain jobs, the meaning of the different hazard signs is the same across all jobs. So the same sign can be used in two completely different jobs and it will still mean the same. Injuries and accidents can be prevented by knowing the meaning of different signs, like fire hazard signs. Signs for fire hazards will be rendered useless and ineffective if the employees do not understand what each symbol or sign means. Knowledge about these signs is vital in the overall safety in the workplace.