Hayabusa MMA equipment offers a precision balance of science and performance testing to provide any fighter with optimal protection and outstanding performance. From sparring gloves, Hayabusa Ashi MMA foot grips and coaching pads to equipment bags and professional quality gear, Hayabusa MMA offers every product you might need to fight, train and look like a champion in and out of the octagon. Recent endorsement of Georges Saint-Pierre has thrust Hayabusa MMA into the spotlight and to the top of the MMA equipment pack.

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Hayabusa MMA gear is divided into three distinct lines. While all of these series offer great protection and durability, there are some key differences to note.

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  1. Hayabusa MMA Pro Trainer Series: Designed in collaboration with professional MMA trainer Shawn “The Coach” Tompkins, this collection of kick guards, mini pads, Thai pads and body protectors allow you to train with intensity while ensuring a safe experience for both you and your fighter. All Pro Training gear features high contrast panels and innovative designs to maximize performance while providing outstanding control and benefits for both coach and fighter. From basic warm ups to in-depth strike training, this series has you covered.
  2. Hayabusa MMA Ikusa Series: The Ikusa series offers an affordable solution for any MMA fighter. Reinforced stitching and leather outer covers ensure exceptional durability during intense grappling and bouts. Hayabusa MMA gloves offer a special Y-shaped palm design and breathing palm pads to help wick away moisture as well. Firm padding provides long lasting protection strike after strike without loss of compression or distortion. Available colors include black, white, gray and red.
  3. Hayabusa MMA Tokushu Series: This is the ultimate in Hayabusa MMA gear. The synthetic outer material and reinforced stitching offer durability and performance that much of the competition cannot match. Specially designed fill material helps to reduce the impact of blows while maximizing power transfer for optimal protection without sacrificing the ability to bring your opponent to his knees. Available colors include dark orchid, black, steel blue, white, desert sand and burnt crimson.

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Hayabusa MMA also offers a full line of clothing and casual street gear to show your warrior spirit. These items feature the same quality and durability of the specialized Hayabusa MMA fight gear lines. Popular items include:

  • Hayabusa MMA shorts: High performance models, such as the Kanpeki and Chikara models, offer strong stretch fabrics, reinforced webbing and high tensile stretch panels to keep you comfortable in the most intense of situations. Casual gear, including the Rising Sun and Velocity board short models, are designed for a loose, comfortable fit for your active lifestyle.
  • Hayabusa MMA jackets: These light jackets are perfect for a brisk morning jog, hanging out with friends or training sessions at the gym. Fleece hoodies offer warmth and protection from the elements with a casual appearance. Gi jackets provide a slim, form-fitting design that is ideal for training or intense physical activity. Both designs feature large shoulder panels, high quality zippers and reinforced stitching for easy wearing and rugged durability.

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