Christmas is the season of joy and love. It is the time when most of you bring back memories of childhood,  when life is still simple but fun. A celebration where most people prepare different colorful decorations hanging on the wall, Christmas lights, traditional Christmas ornaments, and even wearing clothes suited for these season of the year. It is the time when people indulge themselves in wearing colorful shirts, dresses, and are trying to get the nicest Christmas ties they could have so even for work can show that they have the spirit of Christmas.

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Christmas ties for men are very popular on holiday season. The holidays are meant for joyful and fun moments so it is definitely ok to wear and express your own idea of what Christmas is to you as long as you don’t look like the silliest reincarnation of Santa Claus. If you are too concerned you might look too festive, then avoid wearing too colorful suits, pick simple ones and just match it up with some charming Christmas ties, be happy about it, and you are definitely good to go. You can also have your son wear boys Christmas ties during the celebration or some fun events to show a happy father and son tandem.

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Simple Instructions

Tying Christmas ties is not that hard. But, if you are not aware of how it is done, here are the steps in tying these ties. It may take some practice if you never have tried tying  one before, but it will not take you long before you can have it tied easily.

  • Put the tie around your neck with the wide end hanging a little longer than the narrow end. Wrap the wider part around the narrow end of your tie.
  • Position the wide end of your tie behind the narrow part and wrap it around once more.
  • Get the wide end over the narrow part and put the end part of your tie under the two layers around your neck.
  • Pull out the wide end of your tie over the narrow end and through the loop you made by the wide end of the tie.
  • Pull the loose end part of the tight wide side to finish the knot.
  • Adjust the fit if you want.

funny christmas tie

Events during Christmas season are carried out lighthearted. Christmas bow ties are worn during holiday events where there is dress code suited for the season. Surely, stores around the corner will have lots of different and fun Christmas ties that will make holidays more exciting and joyful. Your woman will surely be proud of how you take part on this season of the year. Your kids will definitely love it as well. Imagine how that adulterated fun looking guy, walking around with that lovely smile willing to take his part on that Christmas eve with a cute, nice Christmas tie around his neck, is surely perfect and exciting.

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