Harley Davidson has been a leading name in American motorcycles for over a century. From their stunning designs to that signature Harley Davidson sound, they are one of the most popular motorcycle manufacturers on the planet. Harley owners know that official Harley Davidson parts and accessories are the best way to accent, repair or maintain any motorcycle. Harley Davidson tires are no exception.

special designed tread harley davidson tire

Each tire design is fit for specific models to ensure outstanding safety, performance and visual appeal.

Official Harley Davidson tires are made by the biggest names in the tire industry to ensure proper quality and performance.

Leading brands of Harley Davidson tires for sale include:

  • Harley Davidson Michelin Tires
  • Harley Davidson Dunlop Tires
  • Harley Davidson Metzeler Tires
  • Harley Davidson Avon Tires

harley davidson dunlop elite  motorcycle tires

Choosing the proper tire is often a matter of determining the type of Harley Davidson motorcycle that you own. If you are unsure of the proper Harley Davidson motorcycle tires to purchase, checking your owner’s manual or stopping by your local Harley Davidson dealer can help to provide you with the proper options. Details to consider when looking for Harley Davidson tires include:

  • Tire width
  • Tread Type
  • Rim type
  • Tire Diameter
  • Wheel Diameter

dunlop harley davidson motorcycle tire

Each of these items will determine the overall performance and characteristics of the tire type chosen. What might be good for a Sportser or VRSC might not work as well for a Trike or Touring model. Ensure your tires are compatible with your bike for optimal safety and performance. Popular choices include:

  1. Michelin Harley Davidson Scorcher Series: These tires feature a clean radial black wall design with bold Harley Davidson scripting on the side. The compound used provides exceptional tire wear resistance without sacrificing handling or comfort. These tires are available as a factory tire direct from Harley Davidson. This also makes it possible to retrofit many Harley Davidson models to use the tires using official parts and adapters.
  2. Dunlop D401 Wide Whitewall Series: As an official supplier of Harley Davidson tires for over 30 years, these Harley Davidson tires are optimized for superb performance, wear and comfort. This series is custom made for the Harley Davidson XL series for increased stability and handling for larger, powerful motorcycles. The tires feature high-grip tread and a simple white wall design for a clean, classic appearance.
  3. Dunlop GT502F Blackwall Series: As part of the high performance series of Harley Davidson Dunlop tires, these tires provide aggressive grip and appearance for a truly sporty look. A slim profile, optimized contact zones and specialized compound provide outstanding grip during heavy acceleration, aggressive cornering or wet weather riding conditions. The stylized Screaming Eagle logo is stamped on the side of the black wall tire to complete the look.

best quality dunlop harley davidson v-rod rear tire

Most Harley Davidson dealers offer a full selection of Harley Davidson tires from which to choose. If they do not have an in-house maintenance center, most have partnerships with local Harley Davidson certified mechanics to ensure quality service and reliability. Whether you are purchasing online or picking up your Harley Davidson tires from a local dealer, you can always count on them to live up to the high standards that have made Harley Davidson famous.