In 1968, the Estee Lauder company launched an offshoot company known as Clinique. This company was somewhat different than other skin care and perfume companies as its aim was to customize skin care for individuals rather than the masses. While Clinique does offer a number of individual based skin care products two of its most popular perfumes are mass produced. The Happy perfume was released in 1998 and made a splash as a refreshing, floral and citrus perfume. In 2003, Clinique released a sister perfume for Happy known as the Happy Heart perfume. This fragrance also has a floral scent, this time matched with a hint of cool cucumber and carrot flower and a little more on the spicy side.

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Happy Perfume

Happy perfume is a reasonably priced perfume that is mass marketed. Its scent is light but, definitely floral due to the mix of freesia, lily rose and morning orchid. However, it also has a hint of citrus as well due to the inclusion of Orange, apples, plums, and bergamot. The fragrance is light not cloying, and most users say that it reminds them of a summer’s day. They also claim that this perfume does indeed lift their mood, and definitely gives them that light, happy feeling.

Happy Perfume seems to be enjoyed by women of all ages, but is a great choice for younger girls and young women who want a light fragrance to wear for daytime. You can get the Happy perfume by the individual bottle or can purchase a Happy Perfume gift set.

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Happy Heart Perfume

The Happy Heart Perfume premiered in 2003 and those women who loved the Happy Perfume rushed out to try this new perfume from Clinique. Most discovered that there was a similarity to the Happy perfume due to the floral scent, but this perfume adds a bit of spice as the light refreshing scent of cool cucumber and carrot flower. Many of those who love both perfumes state that “ Happy” is more suited to spring and summer where as “Happy Heart can be worn anytime”. Happy heart is also sold individually and as a gift set.

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Light and Feminine, Definitely Happy

Many users describe both of these perfumes as light feminine perfumes that really do lift the mood. This may be due in large part to the fruity tones in these perfumes. Orange scents are known to brighten your mood and both these perfumes have a hint of orange in them. Most users comment that wearing one or the other of these perfumes also earn them a lot of compliments. This may be due to the clean scents of these perfumes. Rather than giving a person that “garden type floral scent,” these perfumes are more subtle like the scent of flowers carried by a gentle breeze.

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Best of all, if you spend a little time comparison shop you can often find a Happy or Happy Heart perfume sale saving money on these ready low prices. While these perfumes are not for everyone (no perfume is) for those who love these fragrances finding a sale will make you doubly happy.