Handmade jewelry is a hand crafted item with the use of manual labour instead of machines. An exception is however allowed for machines that are operated manually. This means that the use of hand drills, lathes and hammers is permitted in the making of handmade jewelry.

Handmade Jewelry Tips

The rhinestone necklace is a kind of handmade necklace made out of rhinestone chains. The quality of the necklace made depends on the quality of rhinestones used.  High quality rhinestones make the best and most valuable necklaces while poor quality stones make a cheaper option.

premium class handmade jewelry

Handmade beaded jewelry is one of the simplest kind of handmade jewelry to make as they only involve putting together of beads in a specific pattern to give rise to valuable ornaments. The following are some handmade jewelry ideas that could prove to be useful especially to entrepreneurs in jewellery production:

  • Beads could be joined using rubber band to provide elasticity, especially in the making of beaded bracelets that need to have different wrist sizes.
  • A variety of beads of different shapes and colours ought to be collected in order to provide for variety in the end product.
  • Different patterns ought to be employed in the making of this jewelry. This is also for the purpose of providing variety in the end product.

Advantage of Handmade Products

One of the greatest advantages of handmade jewelry is the fact that the end product is usually designed to completely appease to the makers tastes and preferences, and that the end product is usually unique handmade jewelry, providing for a breath of fresh air  from the stale, monotonous trend in jewellery today.

magnificent design rhinestone necklace

How to Make Rhinestone Necklace and Bracelet

There are different kinds of jewelry that can be handmade, and various different procedures for making them. Making rainbow rhinestone necklaces and bracelets for example is a simple task, and its procedure is outlined below:

  • Select rhinestone chains in any preferred colours and shapes, regardless of the chain’s length since chain connectors can be used to piece together rhinestone chains.
  • Arrange different coloured sections in a row to create a rainbow design
  • Next step is selection of a rhinestone chain connector. This chain must have a metal finish. Connecting together these chains allows for flexibility in the design
  • Slide one end of the connector under the rhinestone at the end of one length of chain
  • Fold one side of the metal connector over the metal between the rhinestones.
  • Attach the connector to the remaining length of rhinestone chains

Handmade jewelry has more personal touch and the details are very intricate which makes them more expensive than synthetic jewelries. They might be more expensive but the elegance that it will bring to the wearer is priceless.