Hanae Mori perfume debuted in 1995, which was another brilliant creation of Hanae Mori. Hanae Mori is a celebrated figure in the Japanese fashion design who likewise excelled in Parisian haute couture. She started her career as a literature student at the Tokyo Woman’s Christian College. She took up further studies in filmmaking and fashion design.

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Before Hanae Mori perfume was launched, Mori was able to make costumes for over a hundred films, operas, ballet performances, and musicals as well as uniforms for the flight attendants of Japan Airlines. She later expanded her business from designing clothes to shoes and accessories like bags, sunglasses, belts, and umbrellas, as well as house wares. Mori has celebrities and royalties for clients such as the Crown Princess Masako of Japan and Princess Grace of Monaco, among others. Clearly, Mori’s fame is world class so she practically did not have a hard time introducing her first line of Hanae Mori Butterfly perfume.

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The house of Mori came up with Hanae Mori perfume with the help of perfumer Bernard Ellena. Due mainly to the fact that Hanae Mori perfume is of an oriental origin, it carries with it a touch of oriental floral scent with some inspiration from the Western scents. Compared to other classic perfumes, Hanae Mori perfume’s style is perfectly described as modern, elegant, feminine, light, festive, and youthful.

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Hanae Mori perfume fragrance notes open with fresh fruity notes pertaining to berries and currants. It then warms and lightens to a floral heart such as rose, jasmine, and ylang-ylang. It ends with wood notes leading one to sandalwood, musk, patchouli, rosewood, almond, and praline. These wood notes give Hanae Mori perfume keeps the same from being too sweet. What makes Hanae Mori Pink Butterfly perfume really stand out from the rest is the vanilla impression it offers, despite the absence of the said note.

One usual compliment Hanae Mori perfume gets from its followers is that its scent lasts for hours. One could even last with its sweet distinct smell the whole day from morning until the afternoon. Also, Hanae Mori perfume’s characteristics make it suitable for people coming from all ages. It may even be worn during the day or at night.

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An additional appeal there is to the Hanae Mori Butterfly perfume is attributable to its sleek frosted glass spray bottle, with a matching glass top. Each bottle top has a butterfly with its wings folded. The butterfly has different colors used to distinguish the various concentrations of the fragrance notes.

Other Hanae Mori fragrances include Gimme Mori, which is a male perfume. Its bottle has a samurai sword cap with the Mori family crest. There is Hanae Mori Eau Fraiche, which was launched just recently in 2008 as a by-product of the original Hanae Mori perfume. There is also Hanae Mori Haute Couture, which has a stronger and sharper green floral scent.