Halloween is one of the days people really look forward to. The best way to ensure that your guests have the time of their life at your Halloween party is by making your very own haunted house. In order for this to be possible, it is important to ensure you plan to the details. You need to know the haunted house props to make use of among other things.

Haunted House Props 101

Before you select the kind of haunted house props to make use of, you need to consider a vital factor: the age of the guests. It is important to consider the age group of the guests you expect. If you are holding a Halloween party for kids, you need to find haunted house props you are sure will make their hearts skip a bit when they arrive at the house. The same goes for adult haunted house props.

bloodcurdling evil entity animated halloween decoration

Once you have an idea of the kind of props to use on your guests, it is time to get down to business.

Select the location for your haunted house

When selecting the location for your haunted house, you need to ensure it is scary even before adding the haunted house props. You should consider places in the woods or an empty warehouse or building. You can also set up a haunted house at your residence.

Select the haunted house props to use

Before you go out to purchase the haunted house props, you need to know the kind of effect you want to bring into your haunted house. You can buy scary clowns and hang them all the over the house; this would be terrifying. You can also have rooms that bring out horror scenes from various movies like Halloween or The Poltergeist. This can especially be ideal if you have a group costume to emulate the characters in the movies.

If you are decorating a Halloween haunted house for kids, you can consider using animated Halloween props as kids would best identify with animated character like an animated cut over pumpkin, animated werewolf, or animated honky the clown. However, there are some animated Halloween props that would work for haunted houses hosting adults like an animated witch, or an animated hex sculpture.

Examples of Haunted House Props to Purchase

  • Spider webs are a must have for any haunted house.
  • Gross and creepy body parts like eyeballs, limbs, beating hearts and even bloody brains. You do not have to purchase body parts for kids’ haunted house, stick to animated Halloween props.
  • Horror music like monster mash lyrics or orchestral music to create that scary feeling in the haunted house.

scary corn stalker animated halloween prop

When selecting haunted house props, especially body parts, you can add to the drama by buying ones producing scary sounds when touched like maniacal laughs and screams. A haunted house is not complete without one to two main haunted house props. You can go for a gigantic statue of a clown or a huge hanging ghoul or pirate. In case you want to get traditional haunted house props, you can consider getting the infested corpse.

With the right haunted house props, you are guaranteed to have a Halloween party that will be nothing but pure horror.