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Hair Care Essentials | Content Injection

The hair is every woman’s crowning glory. No wonder women spend so much time and money in keeping their hair always looking its most beautiful best. No wonder, too, why there is an entire industry dedicated to providing the women (and men) of the world with hair treatments and hair care essentials.

Get The Best Hair Care Essentials

These hair care essentials are made to provide the hair with adequate protection from the natural and chemical pressures that the hair goes through day in and day out:

  • Pollution;
  • Heat;
  • Dust;
  • Humidity and change in weather; and
  • Styling

Styling, especially, exposes the hair to intense heat and chemicals that damage the hair – no matter how good they look in the beginning.

Among the top hairstyling treatments that people go for is hair coloring. Whether they do it for the necessity of it (hiding gray hair), for the fun of it (Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry, anyone?) or simply to give that up-do a new flavor, hair coloring is just as ordinary as cutting the hair itself.

One of the most common problems that color-treated hair encounters is dullness and dryness. While permanent hair color remains permanent, the life in it does not. The chemical reactions of the hair cause it to become limp and lifeless, and leaves the color a little lighter only after a few weeks. Luckily, there are hair care essentials out there in the market that helps keep color-treated hair just as beautiful as it were natural.

Top Three Hair Products for Maintaining and Caring for Colored Hair


1.      Color Depositing Shampoo

Those quality color depositing shampoo does not color the hair but only maintains it. It contains deposit-only-dye that is not permanent so this is not the item for keeping your silver strands away or for transforming your beach blondes into chestnuts. What this miracle of an item does is keep yourhair color longer and looking more vibrant. If you are into beautiful colored hair longer, this then should make it to your list of top hair care essentials.

New Redken Color Depositing Shampoo

2.      Color Conditioners

The chemicals in hair dye strip the hair of its natural moisture, thus the brittle and dry texture. This is where you need your conditioning THE MOST. And not just any conditioner at that. For color-treated hair, use color conditioners that will not only keep your hair moisturized but will lock the color in so you get just as much hydration for your hair while keeping the color a little longer.

3.      Leave-on Conditioners

Leaving the house equals leave on conditioners. You cannot simply go out into the harsh realities of the world without giving your colored tresses the right amount of protection. This will keep your hair coated and guarded from heat, humidity, pollution and other impurities WHILE keeping it hydrated.

Apart from these hair care essentials, caring for colored hair requires certain measures including regular hot oil treatments and avoiding heat treatments (curling iron, perming iron, etc).