Is your rain gutter accumulating dead leaves that it requires you to climb up the roof to clean it? Maintaining the gutter clutter and clog free is important to ensure it will function in keeping the other parts of the house dry. Unwanted moisture in walls and other parts of the house can cause damages from wall stains to rotting of wooden components. Conventional open gutters have that common problem. Fortunately, the solution is quite simple and it is very effective which are gutter covers.

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What Are Gutter Covers?

This basically covers the open gap between the lip of the gutter and edge of the roof which is prone to collecting unwanted debris like twigs and dead leaves. One can go with either gutter guards or gutter screens, these prevent debris to accumulate in the gutter which can damage and clog the drain thus making the gutter useless in most cases where rainwater would be overflowing everywhere. There are many types of these covers available today which will be discussed below.

Types of Covers

  • Gutter Screens – These are simple and basic screens that you install in the gutter that acts like a filter. It fills that open space and let any debris to be washed away when it rains while collecting rainwater properly. Hence there are special fittings with a specialized bend for those living near pine trees where pine needles can pass through the screen’s mesh and still collect unwanted debris.
  • Gutter Guards – How this particular type of gutter cover works is actually a simple science that’s very easy to understand. Any liquid substance like water clings on to any surface that it travels. This type of cover would have a bended body and an open edge for the water to fall into the gutter which throwing debris and leaves outside the gutter system.
  • Other Types – There are other types available like micro mesh, brush type, foam and hybrid types that uses a combination of the other gutter covers mentioned.

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Selecting the right one would also be a matter of determining the factors present in your area that would affect the performance of the gutter. From the nearby trees and its leaves to the kind of climate in the area, all should be considered. If you have sturdy aluminum gutters or lightweight vinyl gutters, it can affect your selection options. Getting expert opinion about gutter covers is highly recommended to ensure perfect fit and function throughout the year.