Once you have got your electric guitar, you need to look for suitable guitar amplifiers. This hardware is an important piece of equipment for a band to work well. Without it, a band will not be successful just as not having any microphone for that matter. These guitar amplifiers enhance the sound produced by the guitar strings for a crowd and synchronize with the mike and speaker for vocals. There are different type guitar amplifiers available to choose from.

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Things You Must Consider While Making a Purchase

Types – There are four major types of amps available for you to choose from.

  • Solid-state amplifiers are older models, these are long lasting, capable of producing clean tones with distortions to some extents. These devices use transistors for amplification of sound.
  • Tube amps are popular among thousands of guitarists around the world for their fat yet clean tones, warm and organic distortion modules. You may need to change the tubes periodically, but these produce louder and better sound than solid-state amps.
  • Digital or modeling amplifiers are the latest innovations. These products produce louder and better than the old models. These machines feature separate channels for distortion and modification of tones. It uses simulating digital processors for producing sounds of the old amp devices. Technology has changed thing so fast that these digital machines have outweighed many popular products.
  • Hybrid refers to a concept of mixing technologies from different times. These are expensive items and present with each of the best amp variants in a single package. Clear toning, freedom of distortion and modification of sound, loudness and distinct nature of sound produced here are some salient features. Choosing this is idea always a wise when you’re willing to play guitar as a professional musician.

Configuration – There are different configurations of these guitar amplifiers. You have to choose a product considering your preferences and guitar range. You can choose combo (speaker unit and amplifier in a single unit of cabinet), single cabinet amps or stack cabinets (2 speakers with one head).

Construction – refers to the thickness of wood used in manufacturing the amplifier. Thinner the wood, sound will be more vibrating and hazy. Thicker woods present with clearer tone, but you can’t get the feel of vibrating sound. That’s why, you should choose a product that follow medium measurement of thickness of wood and produce sound with feels and clarity.

Size of the speaker – There are different sizes of speakers available in the market. You have to pick the product that suits your need, extent of use, type of use and your guitar simultaneously. Professional musicians playing guitar with rock musical brands prefer the larger ones as they provide louder sound and more control.

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The music industry has produced countless of equipment for their uses. Guitar amplifiers are such a necessity for any music activities that many companies have invested in the manufacture of such equipment. Some popular products from leading brands presenting guitar amplifiers

  • Fender deluxe reverb
  • Rogue G10 Guitar Combo Amplifier
  • Carvin V3M micro amp head
  • Vox AC30 Combo Guitar Amplifier with AC30CC2X Celestion Speakers
  • Marshall Class5 Tube head amps

There are different other products that have been selling like hotcakes. If you’re looking for a high quality amp, go for known brands. These feature availability of replacement accessories, guarantees and better customer services. Research on the products, prepare your budgets, compare and short list the suitable products and go for the best purchase.