A lot of individuals especially females and the kids are afraid of spiders and won’t even dare to bother getting to know how to kill spiders. This is certainly true if the arachnid problems present at home are the large and creepy spiders, which often times are hard to kill and get rid of. Due precaution is also necessary when dealing with the aggressive and venomous types of spiders like the Blue Recluse. The following are some of the most effective ways on how to kill spiders in your home.

Simple Tips on How to Kill Spiders

  • Hitting or squashing the spiders. The old-fashioned method of hitting and squashing the insect with your shoes or any other hard item is the easiest and most instant way on how to kill spiders. Of course you wouldn’t want to mess around inside the home, therefore, it is better to catch it first with a glass or jar and perform the execution outside the house.

10 steps on how to kill spiders

  • Use the vacuum cleaner. If you are afraid of getting near the spider when trying to kill it, you may just use the vacuum cleaner instead. The vacuum and can suck in the insect and its internal power is more than enough to kill it.

  • Hair spray. Hair sprays are effective in styling the hair and it’s also good when trying to kill a spider. The hair-fixing chemicals present on hair sprays can disable the movement or freeze the spider down. All other chemicals will also be enough to kill or poison the insect. Using hair spray is perhaps, the most fun method on how to kill spiders naturally.

  • Using natural spider repellents. Aside from repelling spiders, certain lotions or spider repellents also have chemical ingredients that can poison or kill these insects. Thus, it benefits the user in two ways; spider prevention and elimination needed especially on how to kill Brown Recluse spiders that are deemed venomous or risky.

  • Spider sprays or insecticides. Several chemical manufacturers have formulated household sprays and pesticides that are able to solve the problem on how to kill spiders. There are several options when it comes to these sprays or insecticides. There are the non-toxic and naturally concocted types, and there are also those that contain more powerful chemicals that are only needed to solve bigger spider problems.

Tips on Keeping Spider Away from your Home

effective way to how to kill spiders in your home

Before even trying to learn how to kill spiders, isn’t it better to just know the methods on how to keep them away from your home? These short tips should be useful.

  • Always ensure cleanliness and organization of all items in and out of your home.

  • There are chemical repellents that can be applied on walls, doors, and windows to keep them away.

  • Patio, porch, or outside light should be closed when not in use to avoid attracting bugs and other insects that spiders hunt.

  • Solve the problem during its onset, not when it already becomes massive. For example, eliminating webs or spider eggs by the time you first see them.

Now that you know how to eliminate those scary and icky spiders, enjoy a safe home and be comfortable on a spider-free environment.