Cutting using a saw is the most common practice when performing any construction and woodwork activities. It is therefore important that one understands the guidelines for safe handling of saws. Any cutting object can cause serious injuries on the user if not properly used or kept. Some of these cutting tools like a saber saw are powered and have very sharp teeth and blades that if not properly handled, the results can be life threatening.

safety guidelines for handling saw

Safety Measures To Be Taken When Handling Saws

Ensure that you strictly observe safety precautions every time when carrying, using or storing a saw. This will protect both you and any person working near you. In any construction firms, guidelines for safe handling of saws have been put in place since saws are the commonly used cutting tools.

The following are some guidelines for safe handling of saws:

  • Always ensure that you put on safety glasses to protect your eyes from dust and other harmful objects when working.
  • Carefully select a blade that suites the kind of surface you are working on. Make sure that you are using the right blade for the right job.
  • Firmly fix the blade in its place to prevent it from falling when using it. Loose, bent, and blunt blades should not be used as they may cause harm while working.
  • Clearly mark the line you want to work on by using a pencil or any marker. This will help you not to mess on the object you are working on, and that you are assured you are working on the right point.
  • Ensure that the piece you are cutting is firmly held in place so that it will not fall on you or cause any damage.
  • Switch on power and carefully cut your piece.
  • Once you are through, switch off power and keep in mind that its teeth are very sharp and can damage sensitive surfaces. Ensure you keep it in a safe place.
  • Clean the blade, lubricate it and keep it in a safe box ready for use. This helps in keeping the blade clean and protecting it from any irritations like rust.

saw safety gears

Whenever all the guidelines for safe handling of saws are well followed,  the working atmosphere becomes secure and you will be saved from any untoward accidents from happening, as a result of carelessness. For your own safety, as well as the people working with you or who are around you, ensure that you know how this saw operates before using it. Technical information about the specific saw can be obtained from the manufacturer’s manual. It gives directions about the usage and maintenance of the saw, which if applied properly, will give the desired results.