When one has been called to eat out with friends or other people, it is good for him or her to learn the list of basic dining etiquette first. This will prevent the person from embarrassing himself or drawing an impression that he never wished to.

Basic Table Manners and Rules on Table Etiquette

Some of the simple table manners that he should observe include:

Rules on Participation:

  • You should ensure that you confirm your participation in a dinner a week before the day of the dinner. This will help both you and your host to have an ample time planning for the event.

  • If you want to bring friends along, ensure you inform your host so that they can budget for the extra person.

best Guide on Basic Dining Etiquette

  • You should carry some presents like flowers, cards or wine to your host.

Rules on the Table

  • Before a lady has sat or rose up from a seat, the gentleman should pull her chair and stand until she is seated.

  • When you have settled on the table, you need to take the cloth folded on the table and use it to wipe your lips and fingers.

  • If you are serving the dishes, one starts with the ladies in a clockwise direction before you get to the gents.

Rules on Food, Eating and Serving

  • Whether you like the food or not, you should give a thank you message to the host for the meal and opening his or her table for him or her.

  • You should not start eating before the others. Wait until the host has started even when you have been welcomed to do it.

  • It is not good not to touch the food even if you do not like it. Show respect by taking a little of it or dividing it with the fork.

  • Some meals may be unique and you may not know how to eat them. If that is the case, ensure that you watch how others are eating them without staring at someone.

  • If you are serving yourself, ensure that you put only what you can finish. Again, leave a little food on the plate when you are finishing.

Rules on Using the Utensils

  • The knife is used to cut, the fork for scooping food into the mouth and the spoon for fetching the soup.

  • All of them should be held from the handles.

  • You may rest them on the edges of the plate when not using or inside the plate when you have finished eating. Some cutlery, such as Stoneware Dinnerware sets have unique shapes that prevent the utensils from slipping off.

General Good Table Manners

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  • Do not talk with food in your mouth since it may spill to others or get you choked and this may bring a bad image of yourself.

  • If one has a cough or accidentally sneezes, he should completely cover his mouth and ask to be excused politely.

  • Burping and slurping is also impolite to others.

  • Whenever you want something which is one person beyond or before you, it is good to request for it to be passed to you rather than stretching your arm to get it.

Finally, after you have observed the list of basic dining etiquette and presented good table manners in a dinner, you should thank your host again when you have parted.