Promotional pin badges offer you an inexpensive and a creative way to advertise your business. A pin badge provides the medium for your branding strategy that you can mark for your potential customers in a simple and meaningful manner. These button pin badges help create high impressions for your organization. Visitors can individually identify your company staff assisting them. The promotional pin badges have a great use for corporate promotions, political campaigns, concerts and product campaigns, in store and TV promotions and road shows.

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Generally, the button pin and lapel pin promotional badges contain company logos, images and text that are easily visible on them. You can use a slogan or a short statement to boost your brand recognition very fast. The promotional badges are often worn on the clothes. They may also be used on banners and bags. These are also extremely economical.

Sizes And Styles

The pin badges are manufactured in several designs, styles, shapes, sizes, finishes and colors. You can create your ideal promotional badge by customizing exactly the way you want it. For button pin badges, there are options for sizes between 1″ to 4″ to choose from. The pin badges are made of different quality materials including steel, aluminum, zinc alloy, pewter, brass, stainless steel, plastic, enamel, and many others.

How To Make Promotional Pin Badges

You require a button machine for making pin button badges. For example, if you have to make 2″ buttons the machine will use 2″ mm graphic button blanks.

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  • First, you have to do the graphic design of the button using Photoshop or similar software on your PC.
  • Print the designs on paper. It will be used to cut circles. The 2″ buttons are made in a slightly different way from all other sizes.
  • You can use a graphic punch for cutting the circles. The punch can cut very fast and is used on the button machine for mass production. You can also use an adjustable rotary cutter to cut circles, if you have to make only a few pieces.
  • First, you should use the cutting die and punch to cut the circles. Insert the graphic facing up and properly locate it in the step in the die, otherwise the circles will be off.
  • If you were making 1″ buttons, there is no need to position the graphic precisely as the pin-backs can be adjusted later. Bring the crimping die in front.
  • Now, cover the graphic piece with Mylar, which is a thin clear plastic circle to cover and protect the paper graphics.
  • After that insert the pin-back. The pin clasp should face down and properly positioned, otherwise the button will be crooked.
  • For one inch machine, you have to fix a collet and do the pin backs later by hand. The crimping tool must be aligned with the crimping die.
  • Use the crimping die and press the crimping tool. This will crimp all the parts together. Let the handle go back to its original position.
  • Take out the completed pin button. The promotional pin badge is ready to be directly pinned to your shirt.

Buying Promotional Pin Badges

You can order online and get made a variety of promotional pin badges with your logo and other information printed on them. They can be ordered in round, oval, rectangular and square shape. You can send your artwork and select the type of buttons you want. Many online stores and suppliers can provide you even online quotes.