Regardless of social standing, lifestyle, age, gender or any of the little things that make every human different, most of us have a memory of the grilled cheese sandwich. Whether it was the greasy, rubberized creations our schools called grilled cheese, the simplistic American-cheese grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup of our youth or a refined and grown up grilled cheddar and ham on a lunch break, this food crosses generational, cultural and racial boundaries around the world. Unlike before where you can only get one from your mom or at a local diner, there might just be one roaming around your block in the likes of the rollin’ Grilled Cheese Truck.

grilled cheese truck perfect sandwich truck

With the increased pace of life and stress of living in the modern age, little things like these have become neglected. With the advent of food trucks, however, these comfort foods and memories are ready to make a huge comeback. Enter the Grilled Cheese Food Truck —one part vehicle, one part delicious, gooey, crispy comfort food factory. Like a culinary Transformer, these food trucks stand poised to take the mouths and minds of the world by storm.

The nature of grilled cheese sandwiches make them perfect for food truck service. The formula for a grilled cheese sandwich is simple:

tasty and delicious grilled cheese truck menu

  1. Choose a bread type—preferably something a little chewy but able to withstand the heat of a skillet.
  2. Choose a cheese variety. Anything will do here, just pick something to fit your wants. Whether you are looking for gooey, smooth, stringy or firm, there is a cheese to fit the bill in a variety of flavors.
  3. Accessorize! No, you do not need to find your sandwich a purse and pumps to compliment its tasty golden crispness. Find something to complement the flavors. For example, ham and Cheddar is a classic hit, while some pastrami or turkey with Swiss provides a punchy flavor adventure.

With a variety of breads, cheeses, meats and soups, the options for a Grilled Cheese Truck menu are endless. Yet the common formats all the sandwiches share make preparation quick and convenient. This makes it easy to enjoy a tasty smoked bleu cheese and chicken wing grilled cheese or the classic American cheese grilled cheese on a lunch break or while running errands around town.

los angeles grilled cheese truck quick and convenient preparation

While this new trend is most popular in major metropolitan or urban areas, there are food trucks springing up around the world. Many food trucks use websites and social media to interact with customers, announce locations and distribute menus. This makes them easy to locate anywhere you have internet access.

For example, searching Los Angeles Grilled Cheese Truck in your favorite search engine will pull up any food trucks in your area that have this tasty treat on the menu. Once you find a truck that you like, ask them for contact information or their regular locations.

perfect grilled cheese food truck

Other places to find a Grilled Cheese Truck include:

  • Twitter
  • FourSquare
  • Facebook
  • UrbanSpoon

When visiting a food truck for the first time, bring a little cash with you. While a Grilled Cheese Food Truck is a great place to indulge in this warm and melting favorite, not all food trucks have a means of accepting credit cards.