One area in clothing that has seen the most upheaval is formal wear. A formal dress refers to clothing deemed appropriate for formal social events such as a gala, wedding and other social events. A tuxedo is a timeless outfit at all formal occasions and finding the ideal tuxedo that fits could be daunting. Most men love grey and the attraction is displayed from their love with having at least one grey tuxedo in their wardrobe. Very few men go for bright colors; grey is a color that can be worn any day no matter what the occasion.

If a man wants a suit that can be worn throughout any time of the year, then the grey tuxedo is one of the top choices. The grey tuxedo and suit are very popular, there are available in different variations and styles. There has been a considerable rise in interest for the grey tuxedo.

mens welld dressed in grey tuxedo

How to Shop for a Grey Tuxedo

While a purchasing a grey tuxedo, it is crucial to be aware of how proper the color matches. Unlike many whites and blacks that complement each other, it is essential to stick to greys that are bought at the similar time from the same company. Additionally, they should be bought with the same brand in order for the pants and jacket and any other attire to match well as much as possible. The grey tuxedo is appropriate for several events ranging from daytime wedding to high profile meeting. They are mostly complemented with more stimulating colors that include pink, white and yellow to further highlight the design.

Once you have the tuxedo coat and pants, you need the tuxedo vest to complete the look. The vest is available in many patterns and colors such as backless men’s vests and full back vests. The formal tuxedo vests are ideal for wedding parties; every print is available in many colors. Generally the groom’s vest is a little different from the groomsmen’s vest which usually matches the bridesmaids. When you are wearing a tuxedo vest, make sure you leave the last button undone. When you find the right tuxedo vest, jacket and pants looking for the right tuxedo shoes is also important for the overall appearance of the tuxedo.

brilliant man in grey satin edge tuxedo

Generally, tuxedos are selected depending on the number of buttons they have. For men who are slender and tall, the single-breasted tuxedo is the ideal choice. A single breasted tuxedo having one or two buttons is ideal for men who are heavily built. For big men a double breasted tuxedo suits them. You should also ensure that the tuxedo fits properly, try different tuxedos to get an ideal size, or you invest in a custom made tuxedo or find a good tailor who shall measure your size.

Most tailor-made tuxedos are designed to fit perfectly. If it is for a single occasion, you rent a tuxedo for a day since it more economical. There are many companies that make men’s tuxedos but the most popular one are Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger and Brooks Brothers. You can check online to compare different prices and get discounts and coupons.