Candles are part of our daily life as people use candles for different reasons. Candles can be used in dinners, for fragrances, and relaxing yourself in a bathtub. Besides, all the above mentioned multi purposes candles can be a perfect gift for someone you care. The following are five good reasons of choosing candles as gifts.

  • Candles are equally beneficial for both men as well as women. It is a marvelous gift for anyone as sometimes it becomes hard to choose a gift because you cannot figure out the level of relationship.
  • There are no specific instructions to use candles. Everybody knows about candles and how to use these beautiful pieces. Choosing candles as gifts is an excellent way to express your feelings about that particular person.
  • Candles can be used to provide fresh smell at any part of the home. You can use these candles in the kitchen, the living room or even in the bed room for fragrance purposes.
  • Candles are a marvelous way to calm down a person. Anybody can feel relax and reduce the everyday life stress. It is an effective way to feel relax and calm down.
  • The smell and light of a candle can take you to good memories of life. It is a nice way to connect pleasant memories of your life. It can take you to your childhood and because of that it becomes the perfect gift for holidays. Recently, you will see candles as gifts at the bottom of Christmas trees as decors.

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Types of Candles

Candles are made with the mixture of wax and wick, and it has several different types including container candles, votive candles, dipped candles, pillar candles and rolled candles. One of the popular types of candles is nest candles that come in attractive fragrance and various shapes.

  • Container Candles – This is a type of candle that is available in any container. In container candles, wax is poured in the container which makes it different from votive candle.
  • Votive Candles- This type of candle is very popular, and it is the most commonly used candles as gifts. In votive candles, wax is not poured in the container; instead it is molded in a cylinder container. It can be left in its container or taken out.
  • Pillar Candles- These are traditional type of candles in which wax is molded in pillar shape. Make sure that it burnt evenly.
  • Dipped Candles- In this type of candle, a piece of wick is dipped in the wax in order to get the air bubbles out. Then again dipped and build further wax layers.
  • Rolled Candles- These candles are made with rollable wax sheets. These are extremely safe candles and easy to make.

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Candles as gifts are a great way to show your intention, and it is a gift item that can be given in any season. People that want a change in traditional gifts and facing problems in choosing a gift item for a friend, family, or colleague can go and buy different beautifully designed candles. If you think the person whom you want to give this gift is fond of fragrance, you can choose pleasant smelling candles.