Creating a new look in your home or business premises is a process which should require a lot of thought and research. Rather than just adding a new coat of paint or replacing the carpet, why not try something new and different in your room? A glass floor may be just what you need to add a new dimension to your space. A glass floor can mean many different things as there are a variety of ways to create a glass floor. Most people are familiar with the clear glass panels that are used in viewing decks, tourist archeological sites and on glass bottom boats, but are not so familiar with domestic glass floor tile systems.

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Recycled Glass Floor

There are some spectacular styles and designs of a recycled glass floor, all of which are becoming increasingly popular for domestic use. This type of glass floor is used due to its aesthetic qualities, as well as practicality and environmental benefits. With ‘green’ issues becoming more and more important for people renovating and installing new materials in their homes, a recycled glass floor could be just what is needed to help with environmental impact, whilst creating a dream room.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Glass Floors

The practical reasons for installing a glass floor are not to be overlooked, as it is waterproof, easy to clean, and does not stain or harbor bacteria. Due to these reasons, a glass floor is an ideal flooring solution for kitchens, bathrooms, dinning areas or around a pool. One drawback to carefully consider is that the glass can become slippery when wet. So in certain rooms, it may be necessary to seal with a clear, non slip solution.

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One of the other potential drawbacks choosing to have a glass floor is that it is delicate until fully laid, which means that it may be necessary to pay a professional installer to lay the floor. Apart from these minor drawbacks, there really are no clear disadvantages to choosing a glass floor over other conventional tile types.

Glass Floor Options

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The options are endless, depending on the space and layout of your building. There are even specialist glass floor lamp tiles, which can be installed to create floor lighting effects. One can install lighting features in floors with the help of glass floor tiles which are in rave today in modernly themed homes. These really do transform a room, and this type of ambient lighting is now more popular than ever. It is possible to create all sorts of fantastic effects by using a combination of glass floor tiles and lights.

For anyone looking to create a new look for their room, one of the many different glass floor options could be the perfect solution. Saving on new materials by using recycled glass, it is possible to create a beautiful mosaic effect by using different colored segments of glass. This is a particularly popular method that is used in kitchen and bathroom areas. It has also been used to great effect in business lobby areas, as the colored glass segments can be used to great effect to spell out the company name, or even display the company logo. There really is no end to the possibilities of using glass floor tiles.