A rhinestone necklace is a priceless jewelry. Although it is cheaper than diamonds or gold, it looks just as elegant and as gorgeous. A lot of Hollywood icons grace the carpet with this type of jewelry.

Rhinestones are very versatile. It can be like a blank canvas and can be styled in any way you want. Most designers can style it as a simple necklace or a complicated piece. Most rhinestone necklace sets comes with matching earrings that will make a perfect outfit best suited for special occasions like weddings or as token bridesmaid jewelry sets.

world class premium rhinestone necklace

Unlike a diamond necklace set or a gold jewelry set, rhinestone necklaces are very much cheaper. Anyone can actually buy it for a few dollars. With a rhinestone necklace, anyone can be glamorous without slashing a big amount of money or exceeding from a limited budget.

Vintage Rhinestone Necklace

Vintage rhinestone necklaces were made circa 1950’s and 1960’s. Collectible items are called as estate costume rhinestones. They come in various colors such as red, pink, green, blue and black. Vintage rhinestones are perfect for weddings, debuts, anniversaries and other special occasions.

A vintage rhinestone comes in very complicated and elegant faces. One of them is a smoky grey stone which has a dangling detail for about a half inch in width and four inches in length. The detail runs from the neck to your chest. The dangling detail is embedded with smoky grey rhinestones arranged in such a way that they are equally spaced in a straight line.

vintage dior rhinestone necklace

Another example of a vintage rhinestone necklace is a large green emerald stone lined with small black rhinestones around the edge. It is a perfect piece for a green-colored outfit. Some vintage rhinestones are combined with other elements such as rubies, cabochons and topaz. Cabochons are cut into a bigger circle and the rhinestones line around it. Topaz is cut in a rectangular shape and is lined also with rhinestones on the sides. It creates a beautiful, simple, and solid looking necklace almost like a choker. Vintage rhinestones are simple and elegant and are also great as collectibles.

sparkling austrian rhinestone necklace

Advantages of a Rhinestone Necklace over Others

Rhinestones became popular because of their advantages over other jewelries. Among the advantages are:

  • It can be colored according to the wearer’s choice. Rhinestones can be very colorful. It can be colored according to the preference of the wearer to match the gown or dress. No wonder many Hollywood icons are wearing rhinestones on the red carpet.
  • It is lighter in weight than other stones. Because it is lighter than other stones, it can be made into a bib necklace. Bib necklaces are complicated pieces that involve many stones compared to a regular necklace.
  • It can be perfectly combined with other stones. It goes well with other stones like topaz, emeralds, rubies and pearls. White rhinestones are often made into a bib using black pearls as droplets to punctuate it which makes a very beautiful pearl and rhinestone necklace.
  • It is cheaper compared to other stones. People who are in a tight budget can buy a rhinestone necklace. A simple piece costs only about $24. More complicated pieces cost about a hundred dollars or more.
  • It looks as equally attractive as other more expensive stones. It cannot be hidden shyly inside your closet even if it is cheap. A rhinestone necklace can stand out and stand up among the more expensive stones.

gold tone clear rhinestone necklace

New age gave way to economical practice. It is not the more the expensive the stone, the more you can flaunt it. Today, the beauty of the material and the craft outweighs the cost of the item. While a rhinestone necklace is cheap, it can indeed be very elegant and fashionable.