Hats have been present since the dawn of early civilizations. Not only were they worn as fashion accessories, they are also used as protection and symbols of position and power in the society. For the record, they have been designed and styled in several variations and with various accents and embellishments like flowers, feathers, gauze trims, and ribbons. They also come in different sizes and as time pass they get larger and larger. Women, men, young and old; everyone has hats to cap off their entire look. And with higher demand for headwear, designers also came up with fresh designs of girls hats for the young consumers.

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Kids fashion has truly evolved nowadays. Gone were the frills and laces that characterize kids wear. Together with the rise of myriads of contemporary fashion designs and styles for the teens, kids also have their share of everything that is good in fashion. Several children boutiques have risen up, paving the way for trendier and more fashionable pieces of clothing to don your little lovelies. Coming in several styles, designs, sizes, and colors; finding that perfect hat for your little girl can really be taxing. So, to help you in snagging the perfect girls hats, here is some information about the different types of little girls hats.

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Skull Cap

Having been around since the Greek civilization, the skull cap is one of the earliest styles of hat. Also called as a beanie, skull caps are brimless and snug closely to the head. These are good pieces to wear during winters since it keeps your little girl’s head warm. And with added puff balls and earmuffs they can instantly become cute toddler girls hats.

Bell Cap

Also known as cloche hat, it is a hat that fits closely to the head and with a brim, which falls just above the tips of the ears.

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This type of girls hats is usually made of soft wool. Usually it lies flat on the crown of your head or also sometimes a bit puffed up, just like a newsboy cap. It is a perfect type for infant girls hats.

Pompom-top hats

With pompom like styles, these hats are sure to catch the attention, interest, and wonder of your little girl. They bounce around and wiggle, which instantly adds charm to anyone wearing it. A truly perfect piece for toddlers and infants.

Decorative Hats

Usually, these hats have added accents and embellishments. From flowers, chains, beads, these hats have something in them that make them unique among all other girls hats.

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These hats for girls are available in several stores in shopping malls. Flea markets also have them at very affordable prices. If you find shopping a chore, then find one online. Independent designers and entrepreneurs at Etsy have a lot of designs to offer you that are custom-made. More online vendors are available with girls hats that you’d surely love!