Gifts for photographers must be thoughtfully chosen and heartily given. Photographers are key people in the art of photography. Photography is not merely an art; it is a product of a photographer’s passion. Great photos convey emotions and messages that stir our imagination.

best unique gifts for photographers

Photography has been a well-known work of art. Photographers invest their time and exhaust their best efforts and creativity in order to produce photographs that capture great moments, wonderful sceneries, picturesque views, and a lot more beautiful memories.

Cool gifts for photographers may be hard and tough to shop for because they tend to be fussy about their gears and gadgets. When you have a friend who is engaged in photography and you want to surprise him/her with nice yet cheap gifts for photographers, then here are some of the best choices of what gifts to give to a photographer.

best gifts for photographers

Unique and Functional Gifts for Photographers


What else could be nicer for a photographer than to receive a new, cool, and fantastic camera?

  • Cameras are photographers’ best friends.
  • If a high quality camera suits your budget, then it would bring sure happiness to a photographer.
  • Choose cameras, which can strike the perfect balance in taking pictures, durable, and of great quality.

Photo Software

Photo software can also be great gifts for photographers.

  • They can use photo software to import, process, edit, and improve images taken from their camera.
  • There are a lot of photo softwares available in the market, but you should check their features and their photo processing capacities first.

Memory Cards

  • Memory cards are not so expensive but are very helpful to photographers.
  • Photographers would really appreciate receiving memory cards with fast and large memory capacity.
  • Preferably, 16 gb memory cards are best for a photographer’s camera.

50 mm Camera Lens

best cheap gifts for photographers

  • These photo lenses are inexpensive yet very useful gear that can serve as great gifts for photographers.
  • Most photo kits pre-pack lenses, which are not so sharp or perform well in low light. That is why, photographers would love to use a fixed 50 mm lens to capture flattering photographs.

Camera Straps

  • You can buy photo accessories like camera straps.
  • Straps can be worn in multiple ways. It can either be worn over the shoulder or draped across the body.
  • This may be a very simple accessory but it has many helpful benefits. This is one of the cheapest gifts for photographers that you can give.

best cool gifts for photographers


  • Tripods allows photographers to take excellent photos even in low light.
  • Tripods allow any photographer to use their cameras without worrying about camera shake during long exposures.
  • Get a tripod with good quality. Do not just buy cheap tripods that could not withstand wind or topple. Do not waste your money in buying cheap but low quality tripods.

Fish Eye / Macro

  • Attaching a fish eye to the camera lens allows a variety of great angled shots. This can capture more than what the eyes can see at one glance.
  • They are characterized by their circular shape and blurring at the edges.
  • Quality fish eyes are expensive, but you can also try to experiment on more affordable ones as gifts for photographers.

Choosing cool and unique gifts for photographers is a tough job, but the list above would truly help. Happy shopping!