Rain gutters are essential parts of any structure that have roofing. This particular component of the roofing system is in charge of collecting rainwater and systematically drain it to the sewer. Also known as the eaves channel or eavesthough, gutters will promote longevity of the entire roofing system as well as the entire structure. Water’s destructive power is proven to all parts of any building be it the wood components, wall paint or even the concrete itself. Rain gutters will further ensure that the parts of the building that should be dry would stay dry.

It is important to get the right rain gutter to install based on several factors like climate, type of roofing and to address overall appeal as well. After all, this is a very important component of any building that promotes overall longevity. So what are the things to consider when planning to install one? Here’s a quick guide to determine the best combination or materials and design to use.

classic white vinyl rain gutter

Things To Consider

  • The very first thing to consider is your budget. How much are you willing to spend for your rain gutters. If you just need the right one for the function then that would be easy. But others do what to address something else such as appeal and material that would go along with the roof and wall. Taking such things into consideration will determine if you need a larger budget for the build.
  • Next is to determine what material you plan to use. You can find stainless steel and copper rain gutters which are perhaps the most expensive but the most durable due to its natural non-corrosive properties. Aluminum and vinyl gutters are also popular due to its cheaper price and still serve the function. Aside from that aluminum and vinyl gutters can be found in numerous colors and designs particularly vinyl.
  • Another thing to consider is the kind of climate you location have. If you experience harsh winters that create ice dams in gutters, you might want to consider getting a stronger material like thick aluminum than brittle vinyl that shatters when frozen.

durable and easy to install vinyl rain gutter

Aside from the things to consider, proper installation must also be observed. The rain gutter must be supported well so that even in the event of heavy snowfall or massive accumulation of dead leaves, the gutter will still hold well. Hence, gutter installation is better left with experts considering that faulty installation can cause damages to the building as well as potentially harming yourself.