A lot of people do not realize that using a paint scraper is essential in peeling away strips of old paint. When you need to repaint a wall, for instance, there is a need to remove all paint scraps first before you put on the primer. Hence this will require the use of a handy and efficient paint scraper. A putty knife will not be able to pull off this task easily and completely. On the other hand, if you are about to clean the floor of a newly constructed building, you will also have to use this important tool to remove the streaks of paint that splashed on the surface.

Preparing the Proper Paint Scraper

These days, you can get hold of many good variations of these paint scrapers. Some people opt for an electric paint scraper which is deemed faster and more effective. What’s more, you will not get tired easily if you make use of it instead of a manual one.

There are also manufacturers that have released the power paint scraper in the market, designed to be tougher without having to exert force on it. This way, the paint scraps can be eliminated easily without causing damage to the surface because you need not push or put on much pressure on the tool.

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Indeed you will also come across scrapers that are made specifically for something, such as the floor scraper. The shape, handle, and function of this one is especially formulated for easy scraping on the ground. Nevertheless, this is usually also included in other paint scrapers which may come with various attachments to be able to answer diverse needs.

Using a Pressure Washer

If you are not careful in using the paint scraper, you may scratch the surface or cause damages. To be on the safe side, you better use a pressure washer first for cleaning. This will also wash away some of the old paint that are not too stuck on the surface. However, be sure to set the pressure washer at a low level and to put some distance between you and the surface. Afterward, let it dry first before you go to the next steps in scraping off the paints.

Using a Metal Putty Knife

Yes, you can also use this tool first before you utilize a paint scraper. This is only recommended for loose and large pieces of paint. If you try it on the thin and small bits, you may end up chipping away even at the surface underneath.

Using a Paint Scraper

Now it is finally time to bring out your paint scraper. Remember to position it vertically and pull it down with a little pressure. If in case you feel that you are causing splinters in the wood or scratches on a different kind of surface, you should ease the pressure that you are applying. A floor scraper should do the trick well even for the little bits on your structure’s flooring. Just continue chipping away until nothing is left.

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Using a Sandpaper

Lastly, after applying the paint scraper, it is important to have a sandpaper with 80 to 120 grit for smoothing out any bits of paint that are left.

Indeed when you follow these steps, you will be successful at using your paint scraper tool to achieve your goal.