The gutter is an important component of the roofing system. It keeps rainwater away from places that it shouldn’t go and keep the walls and other parts of the house dry. It also avoids having holes in the ground where rainwater from the roof would fall. Gutter protection would be needed in certain cases where the gutter is prone to debris accumulation. Since it is the natural for the gutter to catch anything that rolls down the roof aside from water, such function also pose a pitfall for the system. It would catch dead leaves, pine cones, twigs, and other things that might accumulate in the gutter. Aside from that, winter also pose a different problem for gutters like ice dams and icicles.

The destructive power of water is proven where it can rot wood, stain walls, ruin paint and so on. Hence, it is important to keep it working all throughout the year, through rain or snow. Getting proper gutter protection would be necessary if the house experience such cases. So what are the things to consider in getting the right gutter protection?

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Selection Guidelines

There are a lot of gutter protection systems that address different problems. Let us tackle the two most common problems in gutters that most homeowner encounter, debris accumulation and ice dams.

Debris Protection

Gutter leaf protection is one of the commonly installed systems in most gutters of houses near trees. Dead leaves don’t only clog the gutter passage and pipe, rotting leaves can also promote corrosion of aluminum gutters. The weight of accumulating debris overtime can also rip off an entire section of vinyl gutters which further emphasizes the importance of having gutter protection.

There are several mechanisms that work as leaf and debris protection for gutters. There are the screen covers, micro mesh covers, cutter guards, brush guards, foam inserts, hybrid covers and so on. All of which repel unwanted debris to fall into the gutter. Hence, there are special ones aim to address specific materials like small pine needles and other unusual debris.

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Gutter Freeze Protection

Winter can do a lot of damage in an unprotected house. Snow and ice dam buildup can get heavy and cause stress to the structure of the house. Snow when accumulated can be very dangerous particularly to aging roofing systems with weaker supports due to natural wear and tear. The most common gutter protection during winter are the installation of heating wires that will run through the gutters and pipes that will keep the water flowing and not frozen over time.

In the end these factors to consider are very important because if the home is lacking protection, the ones sheltered inside the home would be lacking protection as well.