There are different types of athletic shoes for your different sport activities. Shopping the wrong kind of athletic shoe may lead to foot soreness, shin splints, and definitely will prevent you from enjoying your chosen sport or activity. Or worse, it could cause serious injuries. Thus, it is really very important that you choose the right shoes for your feet.

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Top Brands

Finding the best athletic shoes is not really that easy, especially that there are lots of things that you need to consider in picking the right one. To help you, here is a short list of some of the top brands for athletic shoes that you can choose from.

  1. Nike – is a famous brand for American sports enthusiast.  Nike is very popular for its advanced technology and high quality in creating shoes. The Swoosh logo and its widely held slogan “Just Do It” make the brand remarkable and gain a strong status in the shoes industry. Endorsers for their shoes include some of the biggest names in different sports the likes of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant (basketball), Tiger Woods (golf), Ronaldinho (soccer), Lance Armstrong (cycling) among others. This goes to show Nike’s wide range of shoes that covers different sports.
  2. Adidas – these shoes are created and founded on 1948 in Germany.  Adidas helps plenty of athletes achieve success in the different field of sports, escalating the brand’s status to one of the world’s most respected sports brands.  Adidas created a subsidiary that can be cheap athletic shoes for those who find it hard to afford Adidas shoes, the Reebok.
  3. Puma – these shoes are known to be favorite shoes for football athletes. The brand started gaining popularity when Pele, a football star in 1970’s stop the final minutes in the FIFA game just to tie the shoelaces of his Puma shoes.
  4. Converse – the first basketball athletic shoes were created by Converse, the classical Chuck Taylor All Star basketball shoes that are still an all-time accepted basketball shoes. Converse has since created many other kinds of athletic shoes for sports such like skateboarding, football, among others.

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These are just some of the few brands of athlete’s shoes but don’t limit your choices in these brands alone. You can find several quality shoes in the market like Nunn Bush shoes that offer different arrays of shoes that you can select too for your sporting activities at a very affordable price.

Buying Tips

Always remember that in buying athletic shoes, you do not have to always buy the most expensive and most popular brand. There are offline and online stores that offer discount athletic shoes that can provide you the same amount of feet comfort and protection for athletic events. Always look for the one that exactly fits your feet and was made exactly for the sport you will be using them in.  Remember that running shoes won’t exactly give you the right amount of protection and support for playing basketball because the two sports differ in muscle demands.

When you are in doubt about what athletic shoes to buy, ask recommendations from the stores’ salespeople or consult with people who are into the similar sport as you.