Have a use for custom buttons in the near future? Then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re a custom buttons and pins collector or simply need custom buttons to fit your favorite clothing ensemble, you’ll want to read up on this first. However, if you’re in the market for some custom pinback buttons for promotional purposes then that’s a different avenue. You’ll want to get your artwork sent to a button designer and have them submit the proofs to you before printing. That way the final product isn’t a complete wash; getting the design before final print is vital.

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Since most of us don’t have a button machine it’s easier to use a third party to source custom buttons and pins. The cost of one of these machines ranges from $199 to $1,100 depending on the button size.

Typical Uses and Designs

Some of the most common uses for custom pinback buttons are for promotional use. These are the ones you’ll see during festivals, raffles, youth sporting events, political seats and similar tasks. Promotional efforts are served with these low-cost marketing avenues and people enjoy placing buttons on their vests or shirts.

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The typical designs vary. What most campaigners do is use logo colors and designs that are eye-catching with big fonts. This will assure that people will read what’s on the pin. Another favorite method is to print a person’s face on the pin so as to greatly increase the likelihood of someone reading the pin.

Buying Tips

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When it comes to buying custom buttons, you have several options. There are many local, small-town retail shops that will still sell you cheap custom buttons. Then there are websites where you can purchase your own custom buttons machine that will assist you in printing your own material. If you find that you’re active in the political or promotional arena, the cost of a machine may be well worth it.

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Regardless of online or local purchase, you should always double and triple check that your artwork is without flaw. Submit design proofs back and forth with your designer (or button company) until you have the spelling of all words and layout of your art exactly how you want it. If at all possible, negotiate so that you don’t have to pay initial set up charges for your custom buttons because every bit you can save will help your campaign effort.