In ancient times, there was only one kind of pen that was used in writing, and this was the pen made of bird feather. In order to use it, it was dipped in ink before using it to write on a parchment or paper in the later times. Today, as a result of the advancement in technology there are many other types of pens that have been invented to cater for the increasing demand of pens.

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Types of Pens

Often, pens are named according to the kind of writing tips they have. The following are some types of pens that are used today:

  • Ballpoint pens – these are the most commonly used kinds of pens today. This is because they are quite inexpensive and are able to last for a long time. These pens are also easy to maintain and use as they are quite simple in their design. Another reason for the popularity of the ballpoint pens is that their oil based ink dries up instantly on touching paper. These pens are popularly used in schools, colleges and universities.
  • Fountain pens – these pens use water based ink and are known to be for the distinguished in society. They have nibs as their writing points and work on the complex ingenuity of capillarity and gravity.
  • Roller ball pens – these pens use water based ink for writing, and the wet ink glides smoothly on paper while writing. Writing by these kinds of pens is usually silky and looks executive.
  • Felt tip pens – these pens are also known as markers and they have a permeable tip that is made of a permeable material. These pens come in various sizes and are used for writing either on paper or on white boards.

Cross writing instruments are very trusted as they are of high quality and at the same time affordable. These writing instruments are quite reliable and valued greatly. For this reason, they make very good gifts. Cross pen refills can use different colors of ink and are mainly of two different types – reusable and disposable.

How to Select The Right Type of Pen

When selecting the most appropriate type of pens to use one should consider the following:

  • The exact use of the pen in question
  • The availability of ink
  • The kind of surface one is to write on

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Other types of pens include the quill pens, dip pens and reed pens. All these types of pens are useful in their own different ways and selection has to be done on the basis of use and preference.