A toilet seat cover is a throw away piece of paper shaped like the toilet seat so as to be placed on the seat by the user. Many people wonder on how to get cute toilet covers. There is a wide variety of these covers that one could choose from according to their tastes, preferences and even requirements.

  • The washable fabric seat covers
  • The Halloween version of the seat cover
  • A seat cover showing frosty giving you a sweet smile
  • Resin toilet seat cover
  • Yellow color toilet seat cover
  • White MDF toilet seat cover
  • Fish decorative toilet seat cover
  • Bamboo toilet seat cover

cute pink and lovely toilet cover

Toilet seat covers are great ways to stay clean and be hygienic. Throwaway toilet seat covers are perfect and suitable for the environment and protect you from illness.

Paper toilet seat covers are perfect for several reasons one enjoys them because you can use the lavatory and not feel dirty. It is advisable to put seat cover dispenser on you restroom so that all guests and loved ones can use it comfortably. This also shows a sign of hospitality towards your guests.

Toilet seat covers also secure a public toilet user from disease. The risk of contracting diseases from sharing toilets with other people may not be totally eliminated, but it is surely greatly reduced.

Important Notes

•If you really feel uncomfortable, use two toilet seat covers place them on top of each other.

•Remember to clean your hands after using the toilets. This goes for both public and private toilets.

tremendous toilet cover design

How to Make Toilet Seat Covers Using Towels

If buying toilet seats is not your thing, or you simply want to be of great help to the environment and you want to practice reuse-reduce-recycle, you may create your own toilet seat covers using towels. Here’s a simply DIY guide:

  • Measure the size of your toilet seat cover, then cut a big towel from the same measurements
  • Cut a piece of elastic equivalent to the perimeter of the toilet seat
  • Attach the piece of elastic to the towel using pins
  • Sew around the elastic to make it firm then sew the ends together.
  • Cut any unnecessary thread.

There are some people, mostly women, who use toilet seats simply because they do not want their bare bottoms most likely thighs to contact a surface that has been sat on by another person. Nowadays, people worry more about germ from flush handles or taps since the toilet seats are there to protect you.

The best way to protect yourself is by making your own. This way, you will not have to worry too much about contacting any disease. If you really have to use a public toilet, ensure that at least you have a disposable cute toilet seat cover handy.