Girls, are you looking for something different to jazz up your nails? There are plenty of popular nail polish colors, ranging from plain beige to even metallic nail polish. That doesn’t even count what you can find in the classic colors like red and pink. You can also try many do it yourself designs that are simple and creative, and you can even pick up home manicure kits. With a lot of things that you can create, who knows,  you might discover your talent in the chic world of nail art and spend your time on things that interest you most.

There are a lot of popular nail polish colors, and nothing beats the best selling colors of the classics. Many shades of red are still in style, although these days, you’re more likely to find blue, green, yellow and orange being sported instead of just plain red. You can also find  gothic nail polishes, in colors like burgundy and black. Neon colors aren’t left out – pink, yellow and neon blue are all found on the market these days. If you’re into dual colors, cracked nail polishes are always available. These are nail polishes that can be painted over your basic color on your nail to look cracked showing  the original color underneath. This design can be tricky to pull off without the special polish, but the look is all worth it. No more boring nails!

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Newsprint Project

Did you know that you can make your nails have newsprint or look like watermelons? Yes, it’s true. Besides popular nail polish colors, a little creativity goes a long way. Here’s a short tutorial on how to get your nails to look like newsprint. Once you’ve handled your regular nail maintenance of cutting and filing, try this out. For this project, you’ll need

  • Newspaper – cut into small squares
  • rubbing alcohol
  • a bowl to dip your fingers in
  • your nail polish along with a top coat


  • Paint your nails. Make sure you use a clear base coat first to keep the other polish from destroying or yellowing your nails
  • When you apply the color paint you want, make sure that you choose white or another popular nail color.
  • Let your nails completely dry.
  • Get your squares of newspaper ready. They need to be just slightly larger than your nail to work. You generally want to find articles with small print, and even small pictures transfer well if you are very careful.
  • Dip or soak your finger in the alcohol, enough to completely cover the nail and nail bed. It is important to make sure that the polish on your nails is already dry.
  • Once you have enough alcohol covering the nail, place the newspaper square on your fingernail. Press it down as hard as you can, and try not to move it around – the print with smudge and create a shadow effect.
  • Apply a sealing top coat to your nails, allow it to dry and finish your manicure by cleaning up the edges.

choosing the right color for your nails

What you will have is a simple design that will draw attention to your nails, even better than some of the most popular nail polish colors out there. These projects are fun and creative, and so simple that it’s great for even little girls who want to use it at slumber parties. Have fun!