Are you familiar with your computer cables and connectors? If your answer is a resounding no, then it is about time that you get to know the different types of cables and connectors used in computers to help you get the best functionality that the computer can offer to you. Computer cables and connectors are not as confusing as what many individuals believe; they just need some familiarization from the computer owner’s side.

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Different Types of Computer Cables and Connectors

Below are the most common computer cables and connectors and their uses.

1. Universal Serial Bus (USB) Cables and Connectors – Designed to homogenize all links of computer peripherals like keyboards, digital cameras, pointing devices, moveable media players, printers, disk drives as well as network adapters towards individual computers, and also to communicate to bring in electric power. These accessories also happen to be common in handheld devices that include smartphones, tablets and also, video game units.

2. Video Cables – The Video Graphics Array (VGA) connector is the most universal video connector for the computer monitors as well as high definition TVs.  A VGA cable can be used to connect the laptop to the TV screen as well. Another video connector is the DVI cable which is compatible with HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) and has 29 pins. The Super video cables (S-Video cable connectors) are another type of video connector that carries analog video signals. S-Video cables are used to connect camcorders as well as DVD players to name a few. An S-Video signal is usually connected making use of a cable having four-pin mini-DIN connectors. Owing to the widespread use of these S-Video connections in DVD players, these cables are generally moderately reasonable in price compared to digital component or cable connectors.

3. Audio computer cables and connectors – These are generally electrical connectors that are designed and used for audio frequencies. They can be either digital or analogExamples of audio connectors are the following:

a. Single conductor connectors such as the banana connector and five way binding post together with banana plugs for the loudspeakers.

b. Multi-conductor connectors like DIN and mini-DIN connectors as well as RCA connectors used for digital and analog video sounds.

c. Digital audio interface as well as interconnectors that include the ADAT (DB25) or the AES/EBU interfaces, generally with the XLR connector.

4. Networking cables and connectors – These include the phone RJ11 cable that is being used all over the world to connect to the Internet by using the ADSL/DSL modems. The connectors have four pins and it has a clip found at the top for tight bond maintenance. The standard cable has four wires. Another type of networking computer cables and connectors is the Ethernet Cable typical for wired networking all around the globe. Ethernet cable, also known as an RJ45 coupler, is centered on a Cat5 twisted pair cable and it is made with eight separate wires used to transform two short Ethernet cables into a single long cable.

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Computer cables and connectors are numerous but the ones mentioned above are the basics for many computers as well as those with Internet connections. They are almost always available in local or online computer shops for ease of purchase.