Every sport has its own equipment without which you can’t play it. Lacrosse is no different. Without complete lacrosse equipment, you can’t play the game efficiently and will let your team down. Lacrosse requires a lot of agility and flexibility and unless you have the right lacrosse equipment, you won’t be able to be fast in the field. The equipment consists of both gear and accessories and you must make sure your lacrosse equipment bag is equipped with all of them.

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Important Equipment for Playing Lacrosse

  • Helmet: Lacrosse is a fierce game and thus, protecting your head is vital. The ball travels at a very fast pace and without a helmet, you run the risk of attaining very serious injuries. The helmet will make sure you are protected from the ball as well as nasty, incidental shots from the stick. Without a helmet, your eyes are at the maximum risk.
  • Body padding: You need to make sure you are padded from top to bottom and thus, the lacrosse apparel involves wrist protection, shoulder pads, gloves, elbow guards, arm guards and arm pads. On the field, whilst everyone is running around at a very fast pace, the chance of direct and fierce contact is very high. Thus, you must have all the required padding to keep you safe from anything devastating.
  • Goalie Lacrosse equipment: This is important for both men and women goalies in order to be safe from the ball. While for men, the important equipment includes athletic cups, supporters, rib pads, and arm pads, girls lacrosse goalie equipment also includes padding for the chest. Women are allowed to wear arm, shoulder, chest, leg, and hand padding as long as it doesn’t make goal keeping easier by increasing the size.
  • Shoes: Very high quality shoes are required for obvious reasons. Lacrosse is all about running very fast and constantly. This is easy and convenient only when you wear comfortable shoes. Cleats are a must but you can choose from rubber cleats and spikes.
  • Lacrosse sticks: There are various types of lacrosse sticks and the right one for you will depend on your position. There are many designs and colors for you to choose from but you should make sure you get the right feel when you hold it. Sticks needs to be durable and long lasting.

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Lacrosse equipment also includes balls that you could purchase in a pack of 12, tape, mouth guard, strings, and many more. If you choose to buy from a good source, you will be able to choose from various packages such as the youth lacrosse equipment packages based on your requirements. Make sure thus to buy the right equipment that will last long so that you are carefree for several games.