Having a printer unit at home is beneficial especially if family members require regular printing of documents or pictures. For offices, businesses, and industries, a document printer is a must. Based on the user’s printing needs and budget constraints, a particular type of printer may be preferred to serve such purpose.

panasonic KX- P2180 muti mode matrix printer

Dot Matrix Printers

For the younger generation or those unfamiliar with this type, Dot Matrix printers are the first printing machines introduced and sold to the public. Though they may now be considered outdated, many businesses and offices still prefer using Dot Matrix printers.

  • They are easy to use, durable, cheaper to maintain, and perfect for printing continuous documents or any other essential forms like receipts, invoices, etc.
  • Though the printing color is monotone, the printer is rather noisy and these printers are only capable of printing texts, they are still very much reliable.

Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers are the most widely used types of printers at homes, offices, and businesses worldwide.

  • All inkjet printers employ the same principle of spraying liquid ink or a combination of two or more inks to arrive at the desired printed texts or images.
  • To manipulate precise printing, every inkjet printer is equipped with computer software and programs that are connected or linked to computers and other similar gadgets which eventually creates and relays printing commands and instructions.
  • Unlike the old Dot Matrix printers, inkjets printers are highly flexible, are capable of printing multi-colored texts and images, and some other features and functionalities.
  • Majority of the top printer brands are offering these types of printers from the small personal units up to the heavy duty large format printer ones.

Laser Printers

A lot of individuals prefer using laser printers because of the higher quality of outputs, they have the fastest printing speeds, and are very durable or heavy duty.

  • Laser printers enjoy similarities with inkjet printers except in terms of the printing dye used and the capacity or volume of printing.
  • Instead of liquid inks, laser printers employ black carbon powder or technically termed as toners enclosed in small printer drums.
  • Based on the printing command of the computer, the integrated laser technology attracts toner into the blank paper and with the aid of heat; the carbon powder is melted and pressed to the paper.

pretoria affordable large format printer

Photo Printers

As the title suggests, photo printers are specifically designed for photo developing and printing. Photo printers may further be classified either as a personal or industrial type.

  • Personal photo printers are those widely sold in the market, relatively smaller, and may be used for ordinary photo printing purposes only.
  • The larger and industrial ones on the other hand are used by industries and businesses like photo development shops that cater to a large number of clients and any other special photo printing requirements.

Multifunction Printers

A lot of printer manufacturers like Brother have ventured into the production of printing machines or units that integrate one or two additional functions or features like fax machines, telephones, scanners, copiers, etc. These are multifunction printers and are very much ideal for both home and office use.