Every time there’s a listing of top NBA players there will always be some sectors that will cry foul and will not agree with the listing. Well, this can be expected knowing that the National Basketball Association can be a highly competitive league. Just to show that coming up a list can be quite painful in NBA, just consider the NBA champions for the past three years.

There was a time when it was normal for repeat champions or for those clubs gunning for the so-called 3-peat. But in the last few years, the competition is thrown wide open with different clubs angling for a spot in the NBA Finals. In fact in last year’s edition of the finals, the surprise finalist is Oklahoma City Thunder, not your regular guys that you see as the last guys standing on the West. Add the fact that basketball has grown global and you have all the reasons to say that coming up with a true and certified list can be hard.

But for fun purposes and based on player’s popularity and impact to the sporting world, surely it will be easier to come up with top NBA players. Thanks to the social media like Twitter and Facebook, it’s safe to enumerate the top players that managed to inspire and rock the basketball floor.

most famous NBA player of all time

The Top NBA Players of All Time

Different publications and websites will have their own picks for sure, but for fun’s sake on a coveted listing here are the top NBA players of all time. The good news is that some of these names have remained active and continue to influence players, basketball watchers and ordinary people to do more;

  • Larry Bird– What’s a list without the player who steered the Boston Celtics to fame and to that compelling rivalry against the Lakers? Thanks to his exploits from outside the paint and his leadership skills, his Celtics jersey remains a compelling piece of memorabilia that reminds players and fans of that golden age.
  • Kareem Abdul Jabbar– The best player to play on the floor in the 70s with his famous goggles and domineering presence on the paint. He played first for the Milwaukee Bucks and soon joined forces with Magic Johnson to come up with more titles and of course with his trademark sky hook.
  • Magic Johnson– Here’s another player that contributed to the legacy of Los Angeles Lakers. He shared an era and rivalry with Larry Bird to come up with one of the most compelling rivalries in the league.
  • Bill Russel– Here’s another player in Celtics jersey that managed to help the Celtics. Though his help for the team, Celtics managed to get 11 championships in 13 playing seasons.
  • Michael Jordan– This is an obvious addition to the list, and his name continuous to inspire. His “Airness” manages to gather six championship rings and ten scoring titles. With a number of brands and products under his belt, his name transcends NBA and basketball.

unsurpassed basketball skills larry bird

Making a list of the top NBA players can have several criteria. One can argue about the best in rebounding, 3 point field goals made and the all time leader in assists. However, these names have impacted the NBA not just on the court but off the court as well. All of these names are now retired but with just a mention of their names anywhere, they are remembered immediately because of their contribution to the most popular basketball league that it is now.