Firestone tires are products of the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company, which was founded in 1900 by Harvey Firestone. Harvey started by supplying pneumatic tires to owners of wagons and later expanded to supplying automobile owners with the tires. As a result, the popularity of the tires grew and demand grew. This led to development and growth of the Firestone Company. In 1905, Ford motors contracted the company to provide tires for its vehicles. The tire company provided Firestone automobile tires and Firestone truck tires. During the World War II the company was contracted by the US government to provide the military with rubber products. The deal with Ford motors and US government strengthened the company’s profile and their reputation grew.

Rise and Fall of the Name

However, in its growth and development, the company faced several challenges, which cost the company considerable losses. When radial tires were introduced in the market during the 60s, Firestone rushed to produce radial tires. In a rush to beat competition, they used the wrong equipment to develop these Firestone tires, which turned out to be faulty. There were many accidents and death that resulted in several lawsuits. Nearly seven million tires were recalled. There was also the streetcar scandal where the company was accused of buying systems from streetcars, which they dismantled and replaced. Even with the challenges, the restructuring of the company in 1979 resulted in the company recovering its position in the market. In 1988, Bridgestone purchased Firestone Company.

resilient firestone tire

Stages in Manufacturing

Firestone tires are made from natural and synthetic rubbers. Other materials added to strengthen the tires include sulfur, antioxidants, silica and carbon black. The manufacturing process involves the following stages

  • Mixing of the various compounds and materials
  • Preparing various components and this includes extrusion, calendaring and bead building.
  • Building the tire where the components are assembled to form a tire.
  • Curing, this is the last stage. Here, pressure is applied to the tire mold to produce the tires final shape. Afterwards, additional features are added and inspection done on tires.

Tire Features

Firestone tires for sale have certain features that make them stand out from other brands. These are:

  • They are durable
  • They come in various sizes
  • They have greater traction that provides good grip on the road’s surface
  • The tires come with warranties

Helpful Buying Tips

Tires can be costly but it is possible to get cheap Firestone tires that are of great quality. These tires are available in various online stores and local stores that deal in selling cheap tires. Visit tire wholesalers when buying tires in bulk. Below are tips to consider when purchasing tires

  • Determine the intended use of the tire
  • Look at the cost of the tire
  • Know the size of tire
  • Buy tires from online tire dealers
  • Look for brands offering warranties

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Firestone tires have been here for over 100 years and they are still among the best tires in the market today. The name has been tested over the years and has committed to provide only the best and quality Firestone tires to serve all types of vehicles.