What is a memory foam mattress? It is a kind of foam made of polyurethane. This type of foam is able to mold into the actual size of the body and conforms with the shape of it, so that the person will not feel any pressure points, making the body stress free, and you are sure to have a deep and good night sleep.

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Early Development

During the early years of improvement, the foam was said to be not as good quality as what we have right now because they are known to be firm and stiff, and the durability of it is also questionable by many. However, the manufacturers did not gave up on the memory foam mattress and continued to improve it until such time that it was able to pass the standards of most hospitals and medical facilities wherein the foams were used, and it was in fact proven to give more comfort to patients and improve their well being.

From then on, the memory foam mattress was launched to the greater public, but the first few releases were expensive and only a few can afford it. Later on, a lot of manufacturers made their own versions of it and making it more affordable to the public. Including additional varieties, just like the memory foam topper. They started receiving positive memory foam mattress reviews from the public as well.

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Compared to Traditional Foam

A Memory foam mattress is quite expensive as compared to the traditional coil spring foams that we normally use before. The price is higher because it gives us more benefits and enhances our sleeping experience that we cannot have from the traditional type.

Helpful Cleaning Tips

Because of the fact that a memory foam mattress is quite an investment, non-potty trained children or simply spilling liquid on the bed can be the worst thing you can ever imagine for your foam. Nonetheless, here are some helpful tips that you might want to consider to help you clean your memory foam mattress easily.

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  • To remove the odor and stain, remove all of the affected covering of the foam and wash it with water and white vinegar. Surprised? Yes! Vinegar can definitely remove the stain in your foam and bring it in “A” plus condition again. Do not use bleach or any other harmful chemicals that will surely destroy the quality of your foam.
  • To dry your foam, put it outside where there is sunlight. Let it dry slowly and naturally to prevent any damage. However, it is also not recommended to place your foam under the sunlight for a number of hours. 1 to 2 hours is fine, but anything more than that may also cause damage.
  • Make sure that your foam is completely dry before you put the outer protective covering again to prevent any moisture build up.
  • To deodorize your foam, while applying the water + white vinegar solution, you may also add a few drops of any scent of essential oil that you want. This will help reduce the smell of the urine or anything that spilled on top of it, as well as the smell of the vinegar that you have used to clean the stains.

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Look for the best memory foam mattress online. Online merchants often give discounts for this item. However, you may also want to take note of the shipping fee. This item is quite bulky and it may require a lot for shipping and handling. So do the math! If you think that the price of the item plus shipping fee is still lower as compared to the mall price, then you can definitely go for it. Novaform is one of the leading manufacturers of this product and they are available online. One of their famous products is the Novafoam gel memory foam.