GE replacement parts can be obtained at times from GE themselves, especially if it is a newer GE appliance in warranty. You can take the GE appliance to a certified GE repair shop, or hire a repairman to put in GE replacement parts. Just ask them if they repair GE appliances and if they do, if you can buy the part from them, as well.

GE Replacement Parts

Also, you can get used appliance parts to do DIY repairs. If you know how to do a repair on a GE appliance, you can get GE appliance parts from appliance parts shops. Maybe you have a friend or friend of a friend who has parted out a GE appliance that was the same as yours. Ask around and see if one did, maybe you can buy GE replacement parts from them.

General Electric replacement parts can sometimes be found online, or in a parts shop where they part out dead electrical appliances and keep good used appliance parts for others to buy. Look around for appliance “chop shops” for used appliance parts if you are buying a part for your GE appliance. Check Craigslist for people who might be selling GE appliance parts, too.

GE refrigerator parts

Sometimes, there is a local Freecycle and other online classifieds for your local area to look into for people selling or giving away GE replacement parts. If someone on Freecycle is giving away a free GE appliance that is broken and it matches the model of yours, ask them for this and part it out and see if the GE appliance part that you need actually works. If this is the case, you got a free repair, especially if you are a DIY’er.

After you had gotten or bought the GE appliance to part out, then you can part it out even more and store the GE appliance parts so that if another part breaks, you can go to your storage and quickly replace what broke down. Keep a nicely organized rack of the parts in the garage or shed of your GE appliance parts and you should be as good as gold.

General Electric replacement parts can be found in appliance parts shops and sometimes on Craigslist and other classifieds sites. Even if you do this, check the curbs on garbage day to see if there is a particular GE appliance that you need out there. If there is, bring a truck and pick it up to part out at home. This is best done if you are a handyman.