Having garden gazebos in homes add comfort and style to any property. Imagine your week to be tiring and all you need for your day-off is a rest. Why not settle in your gazebo and enjoy a quiet relaxing time in it. Or just settle in it along with your spouse or partner and have a long chat.

permanent garden gazebos

As to your property’s physique, garden gazebos are great pieces to extend your home outdoors. If you check out the garden gazebos for sale, you’ll find many designs and sizes. That can be daunting because you just want a cozy garden gazebo and you find that there are several garden gazebos to look at. You can narrow it down by knowing the size and type you want.

Types of Metal Garden Gazebos
•Temporary: Temporary types are lightweight and easy to install. They are used in weekend camping trips, garden parties and garden weddings. They are affordable and convenient.
•Permanent: A permanent garden gazebo has complexity when it comes to installing it. It is a lot expensive but promises durability so if you chose a good one, you’ll be getting your money’s worth. The permanent gazebo is better for family gardens.

temporary metal garden gazebo

Materials used for Garden gazebos
•Steel: Steel is better than aluminum in certain ways since it is the strongest among the three. The galvanized steel or stainless steel don’t rust and long-lasting. Steel is specifically heavy but sturdy. It has the most exquisite designs because they bend easily. When a dent or bended steel on the gazebo is produced, it can be remedied by bending it back without damage.
•Aluminum: Aluminum is lighter and can endure corrosion. They are not stronger like the steel ones but they can still live for years. Maintenance is not much a problem here and it’s cheaper than steel and wrought iron.
•Wrought Iron: Wrought iron garden gazebos are durable but less stronger than steel. Like the steel gazebo, it is also available in a wide range of artistic designs and usually a top choice because of its elegance style.

You can find cheap garden gazebos at home depots or gardening supplies store. Sites like Amazon and eBay are also good places to start. Prices can go from $200 to over $3,000 depending on the type, size and brand. Invest only those which you can afford and which promises quality. When you buy through online shops like eBay or Amazon, choose those that are located nearest you first so you have a chance to check out the garden gazebos before buying them. Pick those which are weather resistant and will last long. Ask around if you are not sure yet about which type and brand to buy. Read reviews online. Or ask your neighbor who has a gazebo installed in his or her garden.