Funny tees are very trendy and suitable for all ages. There are plenty of stores offering personalized shirts where in you can customize the design you want. In some countries they call these shirts as spoof tees, funny graphic tees or statement shirts. Many people consider buying this type of shirt because of fashion and comfort. The fabrics used for tees are very pleasant and breezy while the prints are attractive or really eye-catching especially when it is unique. There are some stores selling ready to wear clothes with humorous prints and designs styled appropriately for specific ages and gender.

Funny Tees VS Naughty Tees
Some people find intelligently funny tees or shirts with full of sense statements or double meaning words better compared to naughty statement shirts or “spoof” funny tees commonly sold in the market. Young professionals or adults would be the perfect target market for this type of merchandise. On the other hand, teenagers appreciate hilarious statement shirts which can be cool and loud. These shirts are best for gifts because you can choose from a lot of designs or make your own (if you prefer to be unique), plus it is very affordable and easy to find.

wearing cool and fashionable tee design

Funny Tees for Pregnant Women
Funny Tees can be found all around the world. There are certain outlets offering wide range of designs not only for kids or teens but also for pregnant women. Since most pregnant women can’t afford to buy fashionable clothes for reasons such as they are not comfortable wearing trendy dresses due to weight gain or they just can’t find the perfect outfit for their body shape or mood.
Here are some good reasons to buy funny maternity tees:

  • To keep a happy spirit during the pregnancy period
  • Perfect gift to cheer up pregnant women or advance greetings for the upcoming baby.
  • To keep the fashion sense while feeling comfortable

Funny tees are not limited to spoof, hilarious statements or even a cute graphic tee. You can be very stylish like what some couples do particularly in Asia, they wear same or pairing tees called couple shirts. Some parents celebrate their kids’ birthdays wearing same style shirts personally made for the event. These shirts can be bought from online or local stores. It could be considered basic clothing you need in your closet if you still want to look cool and feel comfortable or casual at the same time. Choosing designs for your shirt could be exciting and not to mention you can get the graphic design you have always wanted.

sarcasm now loading funny graphic design

Advantages of Funny Tees
The advantage of purchasing or having funny tees is you can set your own style by being creative and artistic. You can stand out and be popular without spending too much money by simply wearing uncommon styles of shirts whether it contains funny, cute and appealing graphics or statements, spoof of a popular brand, heart melting quotes, quotes, vintage designs such as celebrities, famous bands or shows, etc. It all depends on your mood and choice of fashion style. With funny tees you get style, convenience, satisfaction and personality.