SCSI cables are one of the must have computer accessories a computer hardware person like you would like to get your hands on. Just imagine how you can transfer or share your computer data from one unit to another by just using this cable. This tool also provide a reliable electrical connection that made SCSI cables one of the most essential tool for computers to connect to external and/or internal memory.

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What Is SCSI Cable?

SCSI cables, abbreviation for Small Computer System Interface cables are computer cables that make various parts of computer to connect data and communicate commands with each other. This is connected and controlled by a host in the computer’s motherboard.

There are two parts in the SCSI cable, the make and the female. Female SCSIs are the connectors that fit perfectly right into the male SCSI cables. But for the female to fit with the male, both parts must have the same size, form and number of pins. If not, communication and exchange of data between different parts of the computer will not be possible. For example, the printer which is an external part of the computer will not receive the right command if your SCSI cables and connectors are not compatible. An additional screw is being added on some major SCSI connectors if this is the case to ensure that both male and female cables will really fit and that they will not come loose so easily.

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SCSI cable has undergone 3 major standard revisions throughout its 25 years in the industry. This is for the parallel cables and connectors that can handle different sizes of buses from 6 to 32 bits. SCSI cables makers standardized their product based on the compatibility of the female and make sockets, prices, sizes and of course, convenience of use. This is why it is very important to consider the form and the location of the connector when selecting the SCSI cable for your computer. This way, you will never go wrong.

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Types Of SCSI Cables

There is more than just one type of SCSI cables. Each type is identified by its function. Here are some of its types to give you more idea.

  • Single-End. This type is typically used for the audio and video computer transfer. It has no pins, just one short rod on the end of the cable to be connected to the female SCSI.
  • Differential. This is also called the HVD or the high voltage density cable. It consists of a flat rectangular end with pins for about 32 or more. Some of which have screws to keep the connection intact. The examples of external hardware that uses this type of cable are the Centronics 50, VHDCI .8mm 68 pin, SCSI to SATA cable, projector and printer cables.
  • LVD or Low Voltage Differential. It is consisted of fewer pins like 8 or less. The best examples are the DIN cable, USB to SCSI cable, and also the modular cable.

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SCSI cable types can also differ for their use and locations like the external and internal SCSI cables. External SCSI cables are compact. The wirings are wrapped with a rubber sheet that will not be easily broken even if you accidentally step on it. The internal SCSI cables have wirings which are arranged along the slim rectangular male connection. The tiny wirings are not wrapped because they are already protected by the CPU casing. You can see the color coding of each wire as red or yellow or green.

Cables and connectors are important to transfer data, translate and give commands to a computer. The cables should be compatible with the connectors. SCSI cables come in many forms according to the size, shape, function and location of the connectors. Check the connector first before buying the compatible SCSI cable that perfectly fits it.