Easter is that time of the year when you have fun with your family, play many Easter games and eat lots of Easter cake. There are numerous games that you could play during Easter parties and you could choose according to your feasibility. If you love noisy games, you could choose Easter games for kids and if you like quieter games, there are many games for adults too. Here is a list of some of the most popular Easter games you can try.

 Must Taste Easter Cake

Popular Easter Games For Kids and Adults

ñ  Egg Throwing: This is something that kids love because it completely defines them. It is noisy and is very messy. This is why it should only be played outdoors. Kids may compete in pairs and every pair should be given a fresh egg; not a hard boiled one. Fresh eggs make the game interesting and fun. The two members of each pair should stand at a particular distance. To ensure the right distance, you may draw parallel lines and make each stand on each line, facing one another. They should start throwing the egg between themselves and catching it without dropping it. Dropping will result in elimination. You can time the game and divide it into rounds. With every round you may increase the distance between the two players.

ñ  Easter Bingo: This is on the quieter side of the Easter games and can be played indoors by kids and adults alike. You can make your own bingo cards with Easter pictures or words. For pictures you can use stickers, print outs or you could simply draw them. Every player has to get a 3 x 3 grid cards containing the words or pictures and the caller will start calling out names of the pictures or the words. If the words are in their grid, they should strike them off and the first one who gets three covered diagonally, horizontally or vertically wins.

ñ  Carrot Eating Contest: This is among the most loved Easter games. In this game, three can participate at once and sit facing the others. Every child should be given 2 or 3 carrots. Blow the whistle or give a command for the eating contest to begin. The first one to chew away all the three carrots is the winner. Kids adore this game as it involves a lot of cheering and fun.

ñ  Count the Eggs: This is another game filled with excitement and fun. To play this Easter related game, you need a glass jar, chocolate eggs and a few pieces of paper along with pencils and an Easter basket. Each participant should be given a piece of paper and a pencil. The kids should write their names as well as their guess on the number of chocolates they think are present in the jar. The kid who gets it right or is close to the actual number wins.

Fun Easter Games for Kids

There are numerous such Easter games to be played and enjoyed. You can choose and host a fun-filled party for kids and adults alike. You can also create your own Easter game by combining traditional games with Easter related objects to go with the Easter festivities.