The Frye Company has been one of the pioneers and trusted brands proving quality and durable Frye harness boots and other types of footwear to the U.S. market. The company has been in existence since 1863 and due to its top of the line products, its market have extended to Europe and the rest of the world.

Fashionable Frye Harness Boots

The Frye boots harness are just one of the popular footwear lines of the brand. The company is also known for producing wide ranges and styles of boots, shoes, sandals, sneakers, handbags, and many others ideal products for both men and women. The brand also produces items for the toddlers and the young ones. Harness boots generally feature a strap or a harness wrapped around the ankle part of the boots or at times, on the upper portion of its shaft. Unknown to most individuals, the harness feature has three purposes.

Purposes of Harness Boots

  • It secures the boots in place.
  • It provides the needed ankle and leg support.
  • It enhances the look and design of the footwear.

The Bestsellers or Most Popular Frye Harness Boots

Durable Frye Boots Harness

With the multitude of quality boots and harness boots that Frye produces and offers for sale, the following are the signature harness boots that are considered the most popular and bestsellers primarily due to their style or design, and other distinguishing features.

For the Ladies

  • The Frye Shirley Harness Boots. The Shirley harness boots is a short-sized boots crafted in simple but classy black or dark brown leather, which feature broad hemmed straps on the upper portion of the boot shaft. With its catching beauty, it is not only perfect for regular use but as complements to most fashion getups as well. This design is oftentimes referred to as the Frye Shirley multi strap harness boots.

Gorgeous Frye Shirley Multi Strap Harness Boots

  • The Jane Strappy Harness Boots. The Jane strappy is a long boot made out of full grain leather available in black, dark brown, tan, and charcoal colors. It features perfectly designed double loop straps on top of the shaft and on the ankle.
  • The Phillip Harness Tall. Another tall boot alternative is the Phillip Harness Tall, which is distinguished by its soft vintage leather material that comes in classy cognac, black, burnt red, and dark brown colors.

For the Men

  • The Phillip Harness. This Frye harness boots are short-sized boots perfect for work and regular use of men. It is tough, durable, and has a rugged look that is capable of stretching and tightening. It comes in classy black, cognac, and dark brown colors.
  • The Belted Harness Boots. This particular boots exhibit similar features to the rest of men’s harness boots except for the more detailed and beautiful straps or harness, rear buckles, plus a gleaming harness ring.
  • The 8R and 12R Harnesses. When you’re looking for a rugged, rough and ready boots, the 8R and 12R Frye harness boots are the perfect choice. They are simple, tough, and can accommodate any demanding activities.

The Proper Way to Wear Harness Boots

Reliable Frye Shirley Harness Boots

All Frye harness boots project a tough and rugged look, therefore the choice of clothes can range from the casual or the rugged look. For men these boots would look perfect for denims, fitted shirts, especially when complemented with leather jackets. For the ladies, wearing harness boots is the perfect opportunity to flaunt a well-shaped or toned body, in short, your sexy yet tough side. Fitted jeans for women, fitted shirts, plus sexy or curved jackets are the best complements.