The frozen drink machine comes handy especially during summer when the temperatures are high and you occasionally need cold cocktail drinks. Whether for party and big events or for home use, the frozen slushie machine is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to ensure that you serve cold drinks to your family and guests as and when needed.

bunn ultra-2 frozen drink machine

Buying Guide for Frozen Machine Drink

Summer breaks are often synonymous with frozen drinks. Therefore, getting the right machine for the right job is imperative. Here is how you can make sure that you pick just the right machine depending on what you intend it for.

  • Capacity

Capacity basically means size. The right size depends on the number of people you expect the machine to be serving. On average, a machine that’s not too small or too big can serve about 75 people or more. You are advised against buying a too big machine as it will not be economical and may lead to unnecessary expenses and wastage. Apart from being convenient and easy to maintain, the smaller machines are also preferable since with them you can even try new frozen drink recipes with the least hassles.

  • Price

Price is the other major factor that you consider when purchasing the drink machine. Prices vary according to special features and size, however, you should not limit yourself too much on the budget that you end up acquiring a less than functional unit. Brand name also is a key factor in price comparison. Some brands are just more expensive than others.

margarita frozen drink machine

Choice Between Buying and Renting Frozen Drink Machine

Are there any alternatives to buying the machine? Probably you are wondering whether you really need to buy a machine that will only be used for a few times each year. Truth of the matter is, that you don’t really have to buy a machine that you won’t use every day. To begin with, though the costs somehow vary, it is undeniable that to some people, these costs can be prohibitive especially if they don’t intend to use the machine on a regular basis. So, what is the next best route? The frozen drink machine for rent it is! There are various rentals that offer these services at incredibly affordable rates. All you need to do is to ask for the instructions manual for reference purposes. In addition, you can also request to be shown how to operate the machine, if it is your first time you are using it. With rental machine, not only will you have the kind of party that you envisioned, but will also save money in the process. Machines for rental are very ideal for people who don’t require them on  regular basis but on special occasions alone.

And not just cocktails can be made, there is the frozen yogurt machine, which as the name suggests is used to make frozen yogurt. That said, you have no excuse as to why you should not have incredible fun at your party.