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Front Load Washer: To Buy or Not to Buy | Content Injection

There is no doubt that the front load washer is getting more and more popular by the day. There are numerous brands coming up with different models and it is up to you to pick the best front load washer among the choices available.

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Simply said, a front load washer and dryer is more efficient than its counterparts and the fact that it requires less than half the amount of water is amazing. Moreover, the amount of energy used is less. Along with this, there are other advantages and disadvantages too of the front load washer. If you are planning on buying one, it is important to look through all the pros and cons before making your purchase. Here are some essential information:

Modern Style Front Load Washer and Dryer

  • The major advantages:
  1. As aforementioned, the front load washer is highly efficient and saves both water and energy. This translates to saving money in the long run. Water may not be very expensive but heating it can cost a lot. Using lesser water thus cuts costs majorly.
  2. A front load washer spins on a horizontal axis. This means it can wash and dry clothes faster than other washers. The RPM is higher and this allows easy extraction of water from the clothes.
  3. These washers are also high on capacity. They don’t require an agitator like the other models and that comes very handy. A top loader washing machine has an agitator and constricts washing space. When it comes to a good front load washer like the compact washer, there is easily 40% more room for washing. You can therefore wash blankets, towels, bedding, etc .
  4. Finally, a front load washer is not harsh on clothes. Its special mechanism makes it gentle on clothes, so you can maximize your clothes’ lifespan.

Great Buy Compact Washer

  • The disadvantages: There are little known disadvantages to the front load washer. Here are some of the problems mentioned in the recent front load washer reviews:
  1. The vibration and movement is higher.
  2. The clothes may come out wet.
  3. The washer may pause on its own.

Most Reliable Front Load Washer Reviews

These problems however may be confined only to specific models and thus, checking out the front load washer reviews before making your purchase is ideal. Even if you find it expensive in the start, the money you will save over the years makes it worth purchasing.